Do children have fever when they change teeth

Does the child change a tooth can have a fever? Many children will feel very uncomfortable when changing their teeth, but during the change of teeth, the child will not have a fever. If there is a fever, the parents can find other reasons. During the change of teeth, the parents can properly give the […]

How long is the interval between vaccinations

In the growing process of babies, there are many vaccines that need to be vaccinated. For the interval time of various vaccines, it will take a while. Let’s explain how long is the interval time of vaccination? 1、 Simultaneous vaccination of several vaccines Generally speaking, two or more vaccines can be inoculated in different parts […]

How to recuperate children’s burning in autumn

In autumn, children are prone to fire, which brings a great threat to children’s health. Scientific diet can effectively avoid the occurrence of fire and play a role in reducing the fire. Let’s take a look at how to recuperate children who are on fire in autumn? Tremella porridge Materials: Tremella 30g, japonica rice, sugar […]

How to effectively prevent tuberculosis in children

Children’s tuberculosis is something many parents are afraid of. It is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is especially harmful to children’s health. So how to effectively prevent children’s tuberculosis? The following small series to answer for you, I hope to help you. How to prevent tuberculosis in children 1. It is […]

What are the main antipyretics for children

The parents should do a good job of health care when they are distressed by their children’s fever. If the child has a fever of more than 38.5 ℃, it is necessary to take children’s antipyretics. So what are the main antipyretics for children? It is basically divided into four types, namely, water agent, tablet, […]

The reason why baby should use talcum powder carefully

Recently, the food and drug safety agency of South Korea inspected 30 kinds of baby talcum powder made from talcum powder on the market, and found the banned primary carcinogen asbestos in 12 kinds of products. Although many domestic experts believe that at present in China, “talcum powder caused cases are rare”, let’s see the […]

Children’s improper diet will induce cold

Nowadays, the relief is getting worse and worse, the air is not good, and the damage to people’s body has greatly increased, so we can only rely on diet to improve the health potential rules of the body. Cold is one of the common diseases in children. It is caused by many reasons. Children’s improper […]

What are the precautions for nursing baby’s navel

The umbilical cord is an important hub between the mother and the baby. When the baby is in the mother’s stomach, all the nutrition needed is supplied through the umbilical cord. It is a material channel for communication between the mother and the baby. Doctors cut the umbilical cord when the baby is born. Many […]