With the frequent occurrence of lightning stroke, how to prevent lightning stroke has become a hot topic. In case of severe convective weather, no matter indoors or outdoors, measures should be taken immediately to prevent lightning strike. So, what should be done to effectively prevent lightning stroke?

I. 17 year old high school students were killed by lightning

17-year-old high school students were killed by lightning. It turns out that Lei can really chop people!

On the afternoon of the 28th, a senior high school student was killed by lightning. Xiaowen, 17, was a senior high school sophomore in Danzhou. According to Mr. Chen, Xiaowen’s grandfather, June 25 is the weekend. Xiaowen has a holiday at home. After lunch, he goes back to his room with his father. There are three bedrooms in the first row. My father is sleeping on a wooden bed in the middle room, while Xiao Wen is sleeping on a stainless steel bed in the side room.

It rained heavily at that time, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Around 2:30 p.m., suddenly a huge thunder rang in Xiaowen’s room. Xiaowen’s father felt bad and rushed to Xiaowen’s room to check. He found that Xiaowen was knocked unconscious by the lightning. Family members and nearby villagers call for help while using the mud method of sand protection to save Xiaowen. However, by the time 120 arrived at the scene, Xiaowen had died.

Who is more vulnerable to lightning attack

1. People standing high

Lightning is from top to bottom, so it usually hits the highest object, so you should avoid making yourself the highest object or standing near the highest object.

2. People sheltering from the rain under the trees

When thunder hits the tree, the lightning current flows down through the trunk. If someone is hiding from the rain under the tree, the lightning on the tree will easily lead to the human body, and people will be injured.

3. People staying in open space

In thunderstorm days, people become the “commanding point” in the open area, just like “lightning needle”, which is very easy to become the target of lightning stroke.

4. People rushing in the rain

It’s not suitable for outdoor sports in thunderstorm, and it’s also not suitable to drive a motorcycle, ride a bicycle and run fast in the rain, because the larger the stride of the body, the greater the stride voltage, and the more likely lightning is to hurt people.

5. People with metal articles

Don’t hold metal objects in thunderstorm, because metal objects are conductive materials, which can sometimes play a role of lightning in thunderstorm weather.

III. how to prevent lightning stroke

1. Check whether the building has the qualification certificate of lightning protection facilities. If there is no qualification certificate of lightning protection facilities, i.e. it has not been accepted by the competent meteorological department, there is no safety guarantee.

2. Listen to and watch the lightning warning and forecast.

3. Do not stay on the floor (roof) of the building.

4. Close the doors and windows.

5. It is not allowed to be close to the external wall of the building and electrical equipment.

6. Do not use shower head to cool.

7. It is not suitable to enter low buildings (structures) such as sheds, posts, pavilions, etc.

8. It is not suitable to hide under a big tree.

9. It is not suitable to play umbrella and other objects in the wilderness.

10. It is not suitable to operate on the water surface or at the water land junction.

11. It is not suitable to ride motorcycles or bicycles.

12. Outdoor ball games are not suitable.

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