After winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. How to bathe the baby properly becomes an important thing for parents to know in time! And a lot of babies don’t like to take a bath. Now, a big wave of Secrets for your baby to take a bath happily. What are you waiting for? Take it!

Games for newborns

1. When bathing the newborn, scoop some warm water and drop it gently on the baby’s stomach. When you pour water on your baby

You need to smile and talk to your baby all the time. If your baby still seems to be nervous, splash water slowly.

2 put some colorful sponges into the bathtub with water and let the baby squeeze the sponges.

When bathing the newborn, if you sing a song that he is familiar with and likes, your dear baby will be very happy.

Games for babies over six months

When the baby takes a bath, a large number of soap bubbles in the bathtub can make the baby particularly excited.

Put your hand around your baby’s waist and let him move in the water as if he were swimming, but make sure your baby’s mouth doesn’t touch the water.

Let the baby play with toys while washing, or give him a small towel to play with, which will make him think it’s very interesting to take a bath. You can put the baby’s plastic duckling, plastic cup, plastic spoon and boat in the tub for the baby to play with, and he is very willing to reach out in the water or catch these things to play with. When the baby plays with toys, he will also be willing to cooperate with the parents to bathe him.

When parents wash their baby’s hair, they can specially use the bubbles of shampoo to design a long, sharp and interesting special hairstyle for the baby, and then let the baby look in the mirror and enjoy his lovely shape. Parents will obviously find that the baby can laugh happily.

When bathing the baby, it is also a good time for parents to tell stories to the baby. The baby will like to listen to the story that the parents tell him very much, even be fascinated by the plot in the story.

Games for older toddlers

9 when the baby takes a bath, he can use a plastic cup to fill the tub with water, pour water to play, while doing it, he can let the baby count. Parents can cleverly treat such games as a lively math class.

If the baby has some toys that can spray water, it can make the baby very naughty. Parents should pay attention to it. Your baby is likely to spray water on you as the main target. Baby claps water to make a sound, splashes water, but he will be very happy.

Parents can allow their babies to wash their dolls in the bathtub.

When taking a bath, you can make your baby’s own bath toys. For example, poke holes in a clean yogurt can to make a container for watering or make a clean bottle into a water sprayer.

After washing the baby, don’t rush to take him out. You can let him play in the water for a while, and he will be willing to take a bath later. Bathing your baby is a great time to deepen your feelings with your child. You and the baby bath together, will make each other closer. When bathing together, let the baby sit on your knees so that he can look at you.

But whether you bathe with your baby or not, make eye contact with your baby, smile at him, and chat with him. If your baby starts kindergarten, you can ask him to tell you about what happened to him today when he took a bath. You can also play games with your baby in the water.

When the baby grows up, when daubing bath gel to the baby, it can encourage the baby to do it together, which not only increases the fun of bathing, but also shortens the time of scrubbing the baby. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!