We usually think that children watching TV has many benefits. It can be an important part of early education and play an important role in children’s intellectual development. But sometimes it can have a negative impact on children. Let’s use a lens to let you see how much TV programs have a negative impact on children!

What is the negative impact of TV programs on children

Lens: Xiaoli and Yueyue are playing games downstairs. They are the grey wolf and the lazy sheep. You have a good time chasing after each other. Playing, Xiao Li shouted, “lazy sheep, I can catch you.” Then he pushed Yueyue to the ground and shouted, “ha ha, some mutton has been eaten.” Yue Yue, who was pushed to the ground, cried bitterly.

Interpretation: with the development of modern media, children have more and more contact with these media. Some parents don’t give their children any guidance or choice when they watch TV. The violence scenes in TV undoubtedly provide a model for children, especially the violent action games in some video games, which have more negative effects. The child’s characteristic is good imitation. Unconsciously, he learns “violence” behavior after imitation. Because of their age, they have not the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and they will imitate some bad behaviors of their peers indiscriminately.

How to do it: do a good job of filter: it seems that innocent cartoons and other so-called children’s programs are often full of shouting, threatening, pushing and hitting people. Therefore, you should try to watch TV with your children and supervise the content of the programs they watch. If something you don’t think is good appears on the TV program, talk to your child: “did you see that child? He pushed his friends away in order to get what he wanted. That’s not right, isn’t it?” point out the wrong place to your child in time. For children’s TV programs and video works, strict screening should be carried out to keep children away from bad content.

Diversified activities: children are not supposed to watch more TV. Therefore, parents can prepare various activities to let children leave TV voluntarily. For example, take your child to play some fun and easy parent-child games, or do some small handicrafts by yourself, or even let your child be a “little helper” when doing housework Use some interesting things to attract the children from the TV.

Try to take your children to watch TV as little as possible: some parents like to watch TV by themselves, and also like to take their babies to watch together, and feel that they take care of their children while entertaining themselves. In fact, most of the programs are not suitable for children to watch. There will be many offensive, violent and even bloody scenes in them, which will make children without discrimination think that the adult world is like this, and these behaviors are correct.

So, a lot of TV programs are not suitable for children to watch. Therefore, as parents, we should know about the program’s visibility and health in advance, and then decide to let children watch such programs. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!