Baopa and Baoma will often bathe their baby. First, they can keep the baby clean and healthy. Second, they can exercise the baby’s skin. But in fact, many times it is not suitable to bathe your baby. Do you know what it is? Let’s take a look.

Just full

Adults are not suitable for bathing when they are full, let alone children. Especially when the baby is still young and needs to be washed in the hands of the mother, it is easy to have gastric reflux in the bath. Washing the hair will cause the brain to be stimulated by water and fall into a state of anoxia, which is very harmful to the health of the baby!

Severe cold and fever

Some mothers like to bathe their children when they are hot to cool them down physically. But Xiaobian should remind mothers: if children have viral infection fever, it is not suitable for bathing. Because, when bathing, the pores will open, the child’s resistance is poor, and cold air invasion will easily aggravate the disease.

When the skin is damaged

It’s common for children to break their legs. But the mother must pay attention, if the child’s skin is seriously damaged, it is not suitable for bathing. Because the broken skin is easy to infect after contacting with water, and the healing is very slow.

When vomiting frequently

Suckling babies often have vomiting. If they vomit frequently, Xiaobian suggests that they should not take a bath for a while. To avoid vomiting when moving the baby. Baoma doesn’t care about the dirty smell for a while. She must wait for the baby to recover completely before washing.

When in a bad mood

Children sometimes have emotions and don’t want to take a bath, but Baoma doesn’t care about it at all. She has to put her baby in the bathtub. In fact, it’s not good. If the baby has resistance, it’s easy to get hurt if it’s scared and frightened. It is suggested to pacify him first, and wait for him to calm down and take a bath.

After preventive injection

All babies need to be vaccinated regularly. Mothers must pay attention to that there will be a micro wound on the vaccinated site. If they are exposed to unclean water, they may cause infection. So, let’s wait two days before we take a bath.

Baby don’t take a shower before bed

Pre bath will make the brain excited, not easy to fall asleep, and not conducive to the secretion of growth hormone in the baby’s brain. Even if you take a bath, wipe your hair dry. If you fall asleep with wet hair, you will easily get cold, which will cause headache, cold and other diseases.

The baby just woke up and didn’t wash

Some adults like to take a bath in the morning, so they will do so after the baby wakes up. But the morning is the most vulnerable time of the day. Taking a bath will take away a lot of heat energy from the baby’s body, resulting in discomfort all day long, which is actually bad for the health of the body.

Don’t wash immediately after exercise

The children are playing crazy outside. When they come back, they are all sweaty and dirty. The mother can’t stand to pull the child to take a bath. In fact, bathing at this time is the most likely cause of children’s illness. Because after the exercise, the pores open one after another to perspire and dissipate heat. After encountering water, they will immediately disturb. The water temperature quickly takes away the heat of the child’s body. So, it’s best to dry his sweat and take a bath after half an hour’s rest.

This is a few kinds of baby is not suitable for bathing, treasure parents remember. If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.