Many parents think it’s easy to bathe their baby. It is not known that if the baby’s bath method is not correct or some details are ignored, it may have adverse effects on the baby’s health and growth. This spring, let’s stop messing up and bathe our baby! Especially about 6 months of the baby, bath supplies are different!

Generally speaking, it’s better to scrub the body before the umbilical cord falls off, and then soak the whole body in water after the umbilical cord falls off. When bathing, you can take off the baby and wrap it in the bath towel, and then wash the face, upper body and lower body in turn. The cleaning tools include small towel, sponge, cotton ball, etc., but many mothers don’t like using sponge. Cotton ball can be used to clean around the eyes, and newborn babies can use it, but it’s more troublesome when the baby is older. As the baby is just born, there will be a layer of natural sebum protective film on the skin surface, which has the function of resisting external pollution. At this time, there is no need to use bath gel, and generally there is no need to apply moisturizer and talcum powder. Shampoo can be used at discretion.

Baby within 6 months: choose a good bathtub and don’t use bath gel every day

After the bath, you can use a safe and suitable bath for your baby. There are many bathtubs specially designed for your baby on the market. You can choose one you like. Some mothers like to add a bath net pad to the bath tub, which has a certain effect on the baby who is still sitting unsteadily. However, the service life of this tool is very short, and the baby who is lively and active may not need it at all.

When bathing, wash your baby’s hair first, and use a proper amount of shampoo for the baby with hair. Since there will still be some grease on the baby’s skin within 6 months, you don’t need to use bath gel every time. As your baby grows older, using a small towel can clean your baby’s face better than using a cotton ball. After bathing, wrap the baby with a large bath towel and gently press dry water.

June to 1.5 years old: choose a bath toy and use some lotion

At this stage, the baby can climb, stand or even walk. It’s better for them to take a bath like a game. Otherwise, they may escape from the scene and send a little yellow duck to the baby. The water temperature meter also chooses the cartoon model, and the energy and water temperature can play for the baby. The baby grows up slowly, and the skin is more and more close to the adult’s skin, from the near neutral skin to the weak acid skin, so we should pay attention to choose the weak acid shower gel. If it is in the dry autumn and winter season, you can use the lotion properly after bathing. Summer bath can be in the bath water with some water, talcum powder to see the situation. Similarly, large bath towel, bath towel and tub are also indispensable bath tools.

Babies over one and a half years old still need to take a bath in the tub. When they are older, they can try to take a shower. From the above bath supplies, the use frequency of large bath towel, towel and bath tub is the highest; while the consumption of shampoo, bath dew, skin lotion and flower dew is very small, it is not recommended to buy too much, nor to buy large capacity products; water temperature meter and small toys can be purchased appropriately; sanitary cotton ball, bath sponge, bath net pad and talcum powder can be used Use.

&The baby’s skin is not perfect and delicate. Parents should pay more attention to the baby when bathing. Some small details should not be ignored. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net