When the human body touches the electrified body, the current passes through the human body, causing part or the whole body to be electrically stimulated and injured, causing electric injury and electric shock. At this time, if artificial respiration and other medical methods are not used in time, people will not be able to revive. Therefore, after the electric shock, you have to be clear about these on-site rescue knowledge!

What are the on-site rescue measures after encountering electric shock?

1. Immediately cut off the power supply or insulate the patient from the power supply with wood bar, bamboo bar and other insulating materials. Pay special attention to that the ordinary light switch cannot be used as the measure to cut off the power supply, because the light switch can only cut off one wire, and the live wire may not be cut off. When the power switch is far away from the place of electric shock, the insulating tools (insulating pad, insulating rubber boots, insulating gloves, insulating rods, insulating scissors) can be used to cut off the wires or pull off the breaker on the transformer. The cut wires shall be placed properly to prevent accidental contact. When the live wire falls on the person with electric shock, it can be moved away by insulating objects, or it can be twisted into a belt by dry clothes, towels, ropes, etc., which can be put on the person with electric shock and pulled out.

2. After the electric shock is separated from the power supply, the first-aid personnel on site shall carry out the first-aid treatment according to the different physiological reactions of the electric shock.

(1) the person who gets an electric shock is conscious, but he feels flustered, breathes urgently, and looks pale. At this time, the person with electric shock should lie flat and rest quietly on the spot, do not let the person with electric shock walk, so as to reduce the burden on the heart, and closely observe the changes of breath and pulse.

(2) if the person is not conscious and has a heartbeat, but the breathing stops or is very weak, the airway should be opened in time and mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration should be carried out. If artificial respiration is not carried out in time, the heart will be stopped due to hypoxia for too long.

(3) when the electrocuted person stops heartbeat and breathing, and is accompanied by other injuries, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed quickly, and then the trauma should be treated. For the electrocuted person with cervical fracture, when opening the airway, the head should not be tilted back to avoid high paraplegia.

(4) when a person is struck by lightning and his heart and breath are not stopped, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed immediately, otherwise, he / she will die of anoxic cardiac arrest.

The above is the knowledge of how to give first aid to the children who are shocked by electric shock introduced by Baibai safety net. Only by mastering the first aid knowledge of electric shock at home, can our family get out of danger at the first time. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!