About 150 children die in accidents every day in our country, with an average of one small life lost every 10 minutes. According to the survey of Beijing Family Education Research Institute, about 41% of the accidental injuries happened at home. Do a good job in the investigation of family safety risks. Don’t let your child have an accident. Parents should be careful: these family furnishings will hurt the baby!

Guard against the threat of baby’s home furnishings

1. Bathtub and washing machine: Although the depth of water in the bathtub is only 10 cm, it is enough to drown the baby. Therefore, when not taking a bath, make sure there is no water in the bathtub. It’s best to close the bathroom door at will.

2. Stairs: it is better to install safety railings at the stairs to prevent small babies from climbing and rolling down.

3. Bed, sofa and chair: if the child is allowed to sleep on the sofa or bed, remember not to leave him alone.

4. Socket: if the fingers or objects are inserted into the socket, there is a risk of electric shock. Now there are safety sockets and plug baffles on the market. Families with BB can consider replacing them.

5. Door and window: it is one of the common accidents for infants and children that their fingers are clamped by the door. When opening and closing the door, the orientation of the child must be confirmed first.

6. Kitchen: all the appliances in the kitchen are dangerous. Before the child is less than 3 years old, try to avoid letting the child enter the kitchen, let alone cooking and housework with the child.

7. Balcony: falling accident is easy to cause children’s death, so it’s better to add a fence at the balcony door, so that children can’t pass alone. Never stack things that can be cushioned on the balcony.

8. Table: the sharp corner of the table is easy to hurt children. It is recommended to cover the corner things at home. In addition, don’t spread the tablecloth on the table, because when children want to get the things on the table, they will pull the tablecloth, which is easy to be hit or scalded by hot food.

9. Stroller: even in a stroller, as long as the seat belt is not fastened, he or she may pedal and stand up. Therefore, make sure to fasten your seat belt when you let BB ride in the stroller.

10. Bicycles: don’t use bicycles to take children, because they are easy to put their little feet into the wheels on the way. In addition, in case of a rollover accident, the consequences are unimaginable.

Sometimes some home furnishings, we do not pay attention to will hurt the baby. Therefore, in the future, parents must pay attention to the above ten household settings that threaten the baby, so as to prevent the baby from being hurt. If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.