In the cold winter, it is a headache for mothers to bathe their babies. Because the baby’s skin is delicate and too small, many mothers are unprepared. They don’t know what problems need to be paid attention to in bathing. This article is just about baby’s bathing, which should be considered in all aspects.

First, the choice of shower gel is very important.

Baby’s skin is delicate and easy to be damaged. Therefore, baby’s special bath gel or soap with mild descaling, no damage to skin sebum membrane and pH value close to neutral should be the first choice for baby’s bath.

Second, the method of bathing is also exquisite.

Cleaning should not only pay special attention to the places that are easy to accumulate dust, such as the parts often exposed outside (such as face, neck, hand, etc.), but also be carried out according to the different secretion of sebum. For example, the sebum secretion of the head and chest is more, the bath gel can be used more, and the washing time should be extended slightly; on the contrary, the sebum glands of the limbs are less distributed, the bathing action should be relatively gentle, and the amount of the bath gel should be relatively reduced. In addition, some key parts should not be missed, such as excretion and defecation, which is easy to become the base of latent bacteria, so we must pay attention to cleaning.

3. You need to master the bath time and water temperature.

The cuticle of baby’s skin is thin. In order to avoid wrinkles and catching cold, the bath time should be controlled within 15 minutes. And because the baby’s skin is not very sensitive to the temperature, and the baby does not know how to express his feelings clearly, so the temperature of the bath water is controlled between 37 ℃ and 40 ℃, so you don’t need to worry about the baby getting cold or scald. At the same time, the wind is very cold in winter. In order to prevent the baby from catching cold, when bathing for them, do not forget to properly close the doors and windows.

IV. sensitive skin, especially clean

As the saying goes, every family has a Sutra that is hard to read. When winter comes, the baby suffers from eczema. Not only does the skin work harder than the adults, but also in the dry season, the skin is itchy and the rash moves with the wind. She has to take her to the hospital again and again. In fact, as far as eczema is concerned, because it is related to dust, contact antigen and other inducing factors, thorough skin cleaning is one of the main means of treatment.

The cleaning steps for such sensitive children are similar to those for normal children, but because their skin is more fragile and their sebaceous glands secrete less, they should choose a gentler type of shower gel. When cleaning, they should also focus on scrubbing the exposed parts, and the action should be more gentle, and the bathing time should be appropriately shortened. At the same time, antihistamines can be applied externally. If the symptoms are serious, antihistamines can be taken properly.

Finally, in winter, the baby’s oil secretion is less, too frequent washing will wash down the cuticle of the baby, will destroy the natural barrier, reduce the resistance of the baby, and make the baby become very sick. Therefore, it is suggested that mothers in the north take 1-2 baths for their babies every week, and mothers in the south take 2-3 baths for their babies every week. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!