Children watching TV is a kind of “play” supplement. Sometimes TV is like a toy. When a toy is not in front of them, the child may not remember to play with it and may be attracted by other toys. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV with you, and guide your children to watch TV correctly!

I. benefits of watching TV

1. Watching TV can develop the baby’s perception ability, cultivate attention and prevent birth fright.

2. Watching TV is one of the effective ways of early childhood education.

3. TV promotes children’s language development and expands their vocabulary.

4. Watch TV to develop children’s brain.

The harm of watching TV

1. It is harmful to children’s vision and causes strabismus.

2. Produce myopia, astigmatism and other eye injuries.

3. “TV autism” will appear when watching TV for a long time.

4. TV may cause obesity in children.

5. TV may cause arrhythmia in children.

What should children do if they like watching TV?

In general, there are several ways to correct this psychological deviation

1. Parents can give appropriate criticism to their children’s behavior of watching too much TV.

Psychology thinks that it is very important to give children proper praise and criticism. Praise can enhance children’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, improve children’s self-confidence, criticism can correct children’s mistakes properly, make children feel guilty for their wrong behaviors, and then correct their mistakes. However, parents must master the method of criticism and not rely on beating and scolding to solve the problem. The best way is to implement “consequence revenge”, that is, if children watch too much TV, parents can prohibit or reduce their watching TV, in order to correct their loneliness, no communication and other personality defects. At the same time, parents also need to communicate with their children and provide them with opportunities to contact and talk with others.

2. It’s unwise and impossible to completely prohibit children from watching TV

The best way is for parents to watch TV with their children and use this opportunity to communicate with them. This not only improves the children’s appreciation ability, but also enhances the feelings between the two generations. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for children to communicate with others and exercise their language ability. Of course, parents can’t have so much time to watch TV with their children, but I think as long as you can spare some time to watch TV with your children every three to five, you will surely get better results.

Good habits need to be formed from a young age, so it seems very reasonable. When the holiday comes, you may as well make an appointment with your child to watch TV games. If you can make an agreement on what he needs to do during the holiday, it may have a good effect. Try it! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!