Eyes are one of the most vulnerable organs of human body. However, with the popularity of electronic products, people’s eyes stay on the screen for longer and longer. While we enjoy the convenience of electronic products, it also brings health risks to our eyes. Especially on the mobile bus, it’s hard to imagine the harm to our eyes. Most people in the car, will be very focused on watching TV screen for a long time, in fact, this is not scientific.

Don’t always stare at mobile TV by bus

Are you scared? The TV screen of the bus is very bad! It turns out that there is a structure called ciliary muscle inside the eyeball to increase and decrease the diopter of the lens through contraction and relaxation when the human eye is looking near and far away. This function of the eye is called adjusting function, just like adjusting the camera lens.

When looking at objects with relatively fixed distance, the contraction and extension of ciliary muscle can keep relatively stable, and it is not necessary to constantly adjust the “focal length” of the eyes, so that the eyes will not feel tired in a short time.

On the bus, there are often big bumps and shakes, and the TV screen will vibrate with the car. In order to see the images and subtitles on the screen, the ciliary muscle of the eyes will be forced to constantly adjust, especially staring at the screen for a long time, which is very easy to cause visual fatigue, eye swelling, pain, dryness and other uncomfortable symptoms, which will aggravate myopia and even induce glaucoma Acute attack.

Many people spend no less than five or six hours dealing with computers every day. They often feel dry and sore eyes, and feel something “stuck” in their eyes. For a long time, the eyes will feel more and more uncomfortable, not only itching, tingling, but also photophobia. This kind of disease is dry eye disease caused by the abnormal function of lacrimal gland in both eyes.

So, from the perspective of eye protection, on the bus, don’t stare at the TV screen for a long time. You can watch for a while, close your eyes and rest for a while, or look at the scenery outside the window, so that your eyes are fully relaxed.

With the popularization of electronic products and the increasing pressure of young people’s life, eye fatigue has become a common phenomenon. There are not a few cases of glaucoma at a young age. I hope you will take good care of our eyes and protect our eyes. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!