Bathing a child may seem like a small thing, but sometimes because of the carelessness of the parents, it can also cause tragedy. It’s not what every parent would like to see to hurt their children. So, are you still bathing your baby like this? Be careful of the child’s life!

1. Bathe the baby without measuring the water temperature

Many parents don’t use thermometers to measure the temperature of water. They just feel it by their hands and bathe their babies when they feel the temperature is suitable. In fact, there is a temperature difference between the water surface and the bottom of the water. If you put the baby in directly, it will easily cause the baby to be scalded.

2. Take a bath with a swimming collar

Many parents will let their babies wear swimming collars to let them swim by themselves. Some parents leave their babies in the bathtub alone because they carelessly don’t take all the bath supplies. They think they haven’t taken a long time to take a thing. They don’t find their babies floating on the surface of the bathtub until they come back. They are all paralyzed and have dark lips. Therefore, it is not wise to use the swimming circle indiscriminately.

3. Add water at will during bathing

The baby bathes in a bathtub, and the water is easy to cool. In order not to let the baby catch cold, the parents will add water in it. Although the parents will use their hands to block the baby, but the baby still uses their hands to catch it because of curiosity. The parents may fall down because of the tension for a while, and the hot water directly falls on the baby, causing terrible burns.

4. Use electric heater or bath master when bathing

Winter temperature is relatively low, parents will turn on the home heater when bathing their baby, or turn on the bath bully. Many curious babies will stare at Yuba. After a period of time, their eyes are likely to be blind. In fact, the final culprit is Yuba Blu ray. Yuba Blu ray will focus on one point for a long time. If you stare at it for a long time, it will cause macular burn.

5. Shower the baby directly under the showerhead

Some parents don’t like to use the bathtub, like to let the baby take a shower, let the baby directly stand under the showerhead to bathe, so the water temperature is difficult to control. At the beginning, the water temperature of the showerhead will change from cold to hot, and the water heater used for a long time is not easy to control the temperature, so the baby may be cold or scalded. In addition, if this method is used, parents need to grasp the shower head with one hand and bathe the baby with one hand, which is difficult and dangerous.

6. Put the tub under the tap to bathe the baby

Parents like to put the bathtub under the faucet, which is convenient to drain water, but it is easy for the baby to bump his head; parents will accidentally touch the faucet switch during bathing for the baby, which makes it easier to scald the baby when the hot water flows down.

Therefore, mothers must be clear about these wrong ways and avoid them as soon as possible, so as to make the baby really cool in the summer. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!