There are many bathers in the bathhouse. They are washing. Suddenly, they raise their eyes and walk into a little boy. They feel like they are in their teens. They come to take a bath with their mother naked. So are you still taking your son to the bathhouse? Stop it!

Expert opinion:

A five-year-old should no longer be brought into the dressing room, not just out of respect for other women, but also out of the need for sex education. Xu Fan said that sex education for 3-5 years old focuses on gender education. It is an important task for parents to accept their own gender and help their children to accept their own body, especially the body part marking gender.

Enter the opposite sex bathroom

When Miss Liu went to the public toilet, she found that the squatting position of the toilet could not be locked. At this time, a group of older citizens came to enter the toilet. Two of them took a little boy about four or five years old to enter the toilet. As soon as they entered the toilet, the two little boys strung around and stared at Miss Liu, which made Miss Liu feel uncomfortable and left the public in a hurry Lavatory.

Take a bath together

A female netizen named Qingshui Liuli said that a mother took a three or four year old boy into the bathroom and took a bath with other mm. She believes that three or four-year-old boys have the ability of gender discrimination and should respect the feelings of their female compatriots.

For this problem, mothers of 2-3-year-old children generally believe that if the father is present, the father will take care of the child. If the father is not present and the child is relatively young, the child will be considered to take the child to the women’s toilet under the age of 3. But for the unethical and uncivilized behavior in the public toilet or bathroom, it will not guide the children to do it, because it is not conducive to the success of the children.

Parents are the first teachers of children’s Enlightenment Education

The sex education of preschool children in the family mainly depends on the parents’ attitude towards sex and daily talk about behavior. Parents should spend as much time as possible to contact the children, unify the education mode, let the children absorb the good aspects of parents’ temperament at the same time, and promote the development of children’s sexual and mental health.

1. Correct thinking and let children enter sexual role normally

Sexual role refers to the difference between men and women in sociology. The initial task of children’s sex education is to let them enter into the sexual social role normally, that is, to complete the process of “gender self recognition”. Generally speaking, before the age of five is the key period to realize this recognition process. Parents should have distinct gender differences in naming, dressing, equipping with daily necessities and choosing toys for their children, so as to avoid their children’s “sexual hazy” awareness of themselves and others from childhood

2. Pay attention to correct children’s bad habits

If it is found that some children touch their external genitalia consciously or unconsciously, like to watch their companions bathe or go to the toilet, or even expose their perineum, parents should not show too strong reaction. The correct way is to divert children’s attention in time with goods or activities, or to persuade children naturally, frankly and realistically with other reasonable explanations, so as to help them get rid of them Step to correct bad habits

3. Scientific guidance to eliminate children’s mystery of sex

Scientifically answer some sexual questions raised by children. When children raise questions about sexuality, parents should answer and guide them naturally and frankly in a language and way that children can understand and accept, carry out correct sexual enlightenment education, and satisfy children’s curiosity and curiosity

Free exploration of one’s own body is a good start of health education. When parents teach their children to know the whole body organs in their daily life, they should choose a good time (such as bathing, bedtime, changing clothes, etc.), let them know their own body naturally, and do not deliberately avoid the sexual organs. Let children realize that sexual organs perform different physiological functions like other organs of the human body such as eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc. they are not mysterious

In a word, when children grow up in a kind of ambiguous and ambiguous living environment, it will lead to sexual psychological disorder and sexual distortion. The wrong attitude to sex will seriously affect the development of personality and interpersonal communication. The character is withdrawn and difficult to be gregarious, thus affecting the development of intelligence. So let the father take his son to take a bath! If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.