The baby’s skin is not yet mature and delicate. Parents should pay more attention when bathing the baby. Some small details should not be ignored. So, are you still worried about your baby’s bath? Step by step to teach you!

Preparation before bathing

Grasp the bathroom temperature: at least 22 degrees Celsius, so that the baby will not catch cold when out of the bath.

Equipment preparation: all necessary things for bathing should be prepared around the bathtub and put in the place within reach, such as diaper pad, towel, bath solution, diaper, baby clothes, etc.

Thermometer to measure water temperature: cool water first, then hot water to ensure the temperature reaches about 37 ℃.

Cleaning equipment: all items put into the baby’s bathtub must be cleaned in advance to avoid polluting the bath water.

While bathing

Adaptation stage: slowly immerse the baby’s body in the water to avoid the baby’s discomfort due to quick contact with the water; hold the baby’s back neck with one hand, and hold the feet and ankles with the other hand; some babies will cry at this time, but this is usually short-lived, at this time, talk with him quietly, and get better after adapting to the water environment.

Body washing and shampoo: when immersed in water, one hand still holds the baby’s back neck, and the other hand continuously washes. In the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you need to wash your baby’s hair every day to prevent lumpy milk. After three or four months, the number of baby shampoo can be extended to once every two or three days, and with the baby’s special shampoo, do not stimulate the eyes and skin.

Grasp the time: when the baby fully adapts to the habit of bathing, he can play in the water for a while, stretch his legs, dance, the time can be extended to 10 to 15 minutes, but it is worth noting that the water temperature should always be controlled at about 37 ℃.

After bath

Careful care: after washing, use a clean and soft towel to wipe the baby, especially pay attention to the moisture between the skin folds, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria for a long time. All toys soaked in water need to be cleaned thoroughly and dried thoroughly to avoid microbial growth.

Important note: when the child grows up, he can change the bathtub. However, those allegedly safe bathtubs, such as cushions or lounges, are not recommended. A non slip mat can be placed at the bottom of the bathtub. Most importantly, mothers should always remember that they should never leave their children alone in the bathtub. Even for a short period of time, there are great security risks.

Xiaobian reminds that the baby is developing and metabolizing very fast, and it is easy to gather dirt on the body, especially in armpit, neck and other places with wrinkles. We should clean these places carefully to prevent the baby from discomfort caused by unclean dirt cleaning. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!