Now many primary and secondary schools have generated “computer fans”. Indeed, watching too much computer will affect children’s learning and rest. In fact, computers have two functions: entertainment and education. And parents often only see the entertainment side of the computer and ignore its education. This leads to the phenomenon that children are too addicted to computers. Are you still upset because children are addicted to computers? Share with you the experience of several parents!

Tong Tong’s mother’s Insurance: a week’s computer leave for her children

Daughter is a good student in the eyes of teachers and a good child in the eyes of parents, but all this has been overturned after her daughter’s contact with online games. When my daughter was in the third grade of primary school, there was a computer class in the school. Since then, my daughter began to contact computers and online games, and from then on, it was out of control. No matter how my father and I yelled for her to turn off the computer, she said two words: “right now.” As a result, every time her daughter’s horse was shut down by her father.

If her daughter goes on like this, sooner or later, her school will be ruined. After careful consideration, her father and I made a crazy and risky decision: to take a week off for her daughter and let her move freely at home.

At first, my daughter was a little upset. Later, I saw that we didn’t have any special reaction, so I was happy to sleep in and play computer every day. But after only two days, her time of playing computer became shorter and less vigorous. After school, my daughter even lies on the window and looks at the students.

Sure enough, on the sixth day, when I was at home, I found my daughter reading a book and drawing on it with a pen from time to time.

On Monday, when my daughter got up early and knocked on our door, she shouted, “Mom, the holiday is over. Today, I can go to school. Get up quickly and cook for me.” I raised my voice and said, “Dad asked you for another two days off. You don’t have to go to school today.” As soon as the voice fell, the daughter cried: “my classmates have more classes than I have for one week. I want to be a poor student. Woo…”

Since then, my daughter is not infatuated with computers any more, just playing occasionally and not addicted.

Comments: hard to get, although some adventure, but the effect is good. That is to say, children are not addicted to the Internet. If they are addicted to the Internet, I’m afraid that’s a little suspense.

Feifei’s skill: take him to the countryside to experience a different life

A year ago, I was angry when I mentioned playing computer games. My son, who had worked hard to train, learned to cut classes in order to play online games. He kept his teachers and parents from spending all day in the Internet bar.

During that time, my son frequently asked me for money, saying that he would have breakfast, but later he would have to be more frequent, saying that the school would take the money. Later, I found out something was wrong. I found out that my son often haunted the Internet bar after I inquired laterally. Once, I followed him to the Internet bar and watched him concentrate on playing games. Instead of going up to question him immediately, I went home and really thought of a way to save my son – to take him back to grandma’s home in the countryside.

The first morning when we got home, we went down to work with my mother as soon as it was dark. Looking at Grandma’s thin body still working in the field, my son began to work hard to help grandma harvest crops. Finally, looking at the crops piled high, my son pursed his mouth with a sense of achievement and gave me a very proud look.

I saw the situation close to my son and said, “son, there are many really meaningful things in the world waiting for you to do, to be useful people, to do useful things.”

The 15-year-old nodded thoughtfully. After coming back from Grandma’s home, the learning attitude has changed obviously. I can go home on time every day. I only go to the Internet bar once a week.

Comment: the hard work in the countryside may have such a great educational effect on the children in the city! But I think that the sense of achievement in reality may not play a small role.

Yang Yang’s bad move: scare off his son with the screen protector of “Zhenzi”

“That kid in my family is so amazing!” Yang Yang’s father said: “we hide the network cable, and our son can always find it; when we put the network cable on our body, others simply match another network cable to use; when we are in a hurry, we start to hide the computer, and as a result, it can always be easily found by our son. After several ‘struggles’, my wife and I are exhausted.”

Once I was chatting with my friend on the computer. My friend sent me a document in the chat window to confirm. As a result, I just pressed the confirmation button, and a horrible picture of “chastity” appeared on the screen. In my thirties, I was scared and sweated.

The 11-year-old son is afraid of ghosts. Maybe it can control him. I suddenly want to try it. So I set up my computer desktop as a picture of “chastity”. I didn’t expect it to work. Since then, my son will be far away from us when he sees us playing computer games. Even if he passes by, he will deliberately make a detour. Ha ha! At last, this move stopped the son.

Comments: thanks to this dad can think of using this unique skill. Although it works, I just don’t know if it will have any bad effect on children’s psychology.

Yuan Yuan dad’s trick: you may as well give some “intrigue”

My child (16 years old) is also obsessed with online games. As my stepfather, I am in a dilemma. Later, my uncle and I plotted a plan.

One Sunday, while the child was playing games, his uncle came, and as soon as he came in, he was furious at my wife and me: “are you too irresponsible? Do you know that if you go on like this, you will destroy the children! ” Then he turned to me and said, “although you are not the child’s natural father, you are also the child’s legal guardian and have the responsibility to discipline the child You’re so irresponsible that you’ve delayed my nephew’s future. I can’t finish it with you! ” “I deliberately wry smile said:” I have also managed, but to the soft does not work, to the hard and afraid he can not accept The child’s uncle said, “beating is a kiss, scolding is love. Children are so old that they should understand this. In the future, if you let go, I will be responsible for any problem! “

This is very effective. The child knows that I have difficulties. When I discipline him again, he will give me face.

In order to reduce children’s online time, I also used to deliberately make the leakage fault to turn off the leakage switch. Please understand the computer’s people to make computer hardware or software faults and other “tricks”. In the process of “waiting” for repair, I thought to transfer children’s interest and guide children to participate in some useful activities, such as visiting zoos, science and technology museums, museums, swimming Play ball, skateboard, etc. Later, the children gradually reduced their dependence on the Internet.

Comment: stepfather is really bad. It’s a good way to lay eggs with chickens.

Therefore, in the process of training children to become computer masters from TV slaves, TV is the helper of family education, not the opposite. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.