Today, whether it’s on holiday or on weekends. Many primary and secondary school students are infatuated with watching TV, and the impact of TV on their children is beyond our estimation. Parents should pay attention to the fact that children’s watching TV affects their attention, which should be limited to 30 minutes every day!

Children’s watching TV affects their attention, which should be limited to 30 minutes every day!

Dr. Wang Wenjuan, an expert in child psychology, told parents at Beijing No. 2 experimental primary school that children should be allowed to watch less TV and read more books. The more TV you watch, the less attention you pay, the worse your academic performance. Children should be limited to 30 minutes a day.

There is a scientific basis for the effect of watching TV on children’s attention. According to a study published by New Zealand scholars, children who watch TV for more than two hours a day may suffer from inattention after puberty. Another U.S. study also found that children watching TV in their childhood will have a bad effect on their brain development. Research shows that children watching TV are more likely to be inattentive in school.

Wang Wenjuan said that children should not spend more than half an hour watching TV every day. For example, children naturally like cartoons. Parents can choose two cartoons with their children. The total length of time is controlled at half an hour. Children should not be allowed to watch TV series. If children are interested in sports and science and technology programs, parents can make a list of the festivals. Children should not be allowed to watch TV for too long at one time.

Wang Wenjuan said that parents should cultivate their children’s interest in reading, and reading can cultivate their children’s attention. She suggested that children should first look at the books with Pinyin, and strive for the habit of reading in primary school. At the same time, let children choose to read books according to their interests.

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