Children’s memory is very good, but they often watch TV and will remember these plots, and the pictures of TV flash by. In addition to remembering the time that children have no thinking at all, this is to instill the plot into their children’s mind and occupy their brain capacity, so today’s editor will take you to pay attention to: how can parents properly guide children to watch TV?

Parents should guide their children to watch TV correctly

First of all, the content of TV programs should be selected. Children’s thinking is simple, their ability of analysis and identification is poor, and they are easy to be frightened. Therefore, it is not suitable for children to watch strange and thrilling martial arts films, shocking ghosts and gods films, romantic films, etc. We should choose some educational TV programs that children can accept. Children like watching “journey to the west”, “Water Margin” and other TV series. Parents can take advantage of the situation and ask their children to tell the simple plot after watching. In this way, the children not only have some knowledge of literary works, but also have language training. TV content selection is appropriate, but also to stimulate children’s thirst for knowledge and interest in learning. If some children have seen the technology common sense, they have also made small productions.

Second, parents should also control the time their children watch TV. If children watch TV for a long time, they will gradually be in a state of hypnosis. If they still insist on it, they will consume a lot of energy. In addition, the TV screen flickers, the lens changes rapidly, and children can’t bear the stimulation for a long time. This is from the perspective of children’s health.

Finally, parents should be warned that you should restrain yourself. Some parents ignore their children as soon as they watch TV. When children talk to their parents, they don’t reply. When children have problems, they ask questions, and the parents put them through. Some parents also affect their children’s sleep because they are greedy for TV. Parents can’t restrain their children if they don’t watch TV in moderation. Only when parents get rid of the problem of “TV fans” can they guide their children to watch TV correctly.

The above is how parents guide their children to watch TV correctly. It is very necessary for parents to guide them correctly. If you have more knowledge about home electric shock prevention for children, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.