Recently, according to relevant media reports, 18.3% of the respondents think that environmental protection and health are the first, followed by storage space, quality assurance and so on. In the face of a variety of children’s furniture on the market, how to choose? Baibai safety net takes you to pay attention to: safety and quality education of children’s furniture.

Growth of children’s furniture:

1. The baby grows up in a flash, so when buying children’s furniture, you should choose the furniture that can make the baby use the big furniture. We can’t buy clothes for a 20-year-old for a five-year-old baby, but we can buy a bed for a 20-year-old baby.

2. The color of furniture should not be too bright, and neutral color is better, so it can be suitable for different ages of baby.

3. The height of desk and chair should be adjustable. In this way, not only can it be used for a long time, but also for baby’s eye health and training of correct sitting posture, spinal development.

In a word, good children’s furniture should be rich in variety, easy to match, and take baby’s growth into full consideration in design.

Safety and quality education of children’s furniture

1. Let the baby form an optimistic and cheerful character with aesthetic awareness

Baby’s furniture should not choose heavy and oppressive colors, but should be relaxed, lively, natural and concise, and be equipped with some furniture with game functions and children’s interest. In such a healthy growing environment, it is beneficial for baby to form an optimistic, lively and cheerful character and modern aesthetic interest.

2. Cultivate good habits of babies

If we have prepared the location for each item of the baby, that is, the location where the schoolbag has a schoolbag, the place where the clothes have clothes In this way, baby has no excuse to throw things around. Therefore, the use of a set of functional children’s furniture is a good way to cultivate the baby’s good living habits, but also a part of quality education.

Starting from daily necessities to ensure safety

Even if the decoration is up to the standard, it can’t be said that such a children’s room is safe, because if the furniture and other furnishings are not properly selected, it will also cause “hard injury” to the baby. How to choose furniture?

1. To buy round and obtuse corner tables and chairs, the components should be firm.

When choosing furniture, we should choose those corners and handles without edges and sharp edges; we should try our best to make the corners of tables and chairs into smooth obtuse angles to prevent sharp corners from being hit by running and chasing babies. In addition, children are curious and mobile, and furniture is likely to be the object of children’s play. The bolts and screws in modular furniture shall be firmly connected to prevent children from disassembling and assembling by themselves.

2. Folding tables and chairs shall be equipped with protection switch.

Folding tables and chairs may hurt baby when they are moved or collided. Therefore, the folding table and chair shall be equipped with protective devices to avoid pinching the baby or being overturned by the baby. It is better to buy a folding table and chair with safety rope or safety lock protection switch.

3. Do not use glass as much as possible to avoid accidental injury, and cover the socket.

Due to the lack of self-protection awareness of children, to avoid possible accidental injury, large area of glass and mirrors should not be used indoors as much as possible; the power socket should ensure that the baby’s fingers cannot be inserted, and the socket with socket cover is the best choice.

4. The furniture should not be too high.

The toy shelf should not be too high, otherwise the baby is easy to move furniture or fall when climbing. Therefore, the furniture should be placed stably, and the edges and corners should be decorated with cotton sleeves and other auxiliary decorations to prevent the baby from being injured. The higher furniture should be fixed on the wall or the ground with bolts, not simply placed.

The above is the common sense and quality education of children’s furniture purchase introduced by Baibai safety net. It is suggested that parents should select products with relevant product certification from quality inspection department when purchasing children’s furniture, and it is better to choose large brand companies. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.