With the help of the TV nanny, the adults watching the children are much easier. However, once the baby can’t leave the TV and quietly becomes a “TV baby”, the harm they receive will be beyond your imagination. So, is one-year-old suitable for watching TV?

One and a half year old babies are not suitable for watching TV for a long time.

First of all, although TV programs satisfy the freshness of baby’s visual and auditory sense, TV can not only promote the development of baby’s sense and perception, but also easily cause damage. The visual and auditory system of young children is developing constantly, and it is still very immature, and its regulation function is not perfect. However, the image, color, light and shade of TV programs change very fast, and the sound level and size also change alternately. When the baby responds to these changes, the audio-visual ability is prone to fatigue, which will damage the development of the audio-visual system for a long time. Children who watch TV for too long are prone to squint, squint, myopia and other problems. If the baby already likes watching TV, he should gradually reduce the time he watches. At the same time, when he watches TV, he should also take some measures:

1. In the layout of the site, the location of the TV should not be too close, too high, and the room should not be too dark, so that the baby can see comfortably.

2. In terms of content selection, it is appropriate to have short segments, slow speed and bright colors, which are suitable for baby’s perception ability.

Secondly, the one and a half year old baby is also in an important stage of language development. The number of words in children has increased dramatically from about one and a half years old. At this stage, the baby should get more opportunities for language communication. The character dialogue in TV is also one of the factors that attract the baby, but the TV can only watch, can’t talk with and give feedback to the baby, so watching ordinary TV programs can’t play a role in educating and developing the intelligence of the baby. If the baby is used to the voice in TV, he will lose interest in the real language dialogue, and over time, it will affect the language function and The development of personality. Parents should provide opportunities for children’s language development:

1. Parents and babies watch together. When watching TV, parents should stay by their side, take watching TV as a parent-child activity, communicate with the baby in language, and observe the baby’s reaction to watching the program.

2. If there is any language in the program, it is better to have simple language, slow speed and high repetition rate of sentences, so that the baby can imitate more sentences and learn some knowledge.

In addition, one year old babies are able to climb and walk. At this time, parents should give their children more time to exercise their new skills. While watching TV, the baby often sits still, which is not conducive to the development of baby’s movement skills. After one year old, children’s motor skills develop rapidly. From climbing to walking to running and jumping, they will be happy to explore the surrounding environment with these newly learned skills. Using higher motor skills will make the baby feel growing up. Therefore, while reducing the time of watching TV, parents are advised to:

1. Encourage the baby to carry out other activities and gradually shift his attention to TV;

2. Don’t stay at home at ordinary times, take your baby to the community for a walk, look at animals and plants, look at cars and tall buildings, and see other babies;

3. Participate in parent-child activities, such as talking with your baby, playing with building blocks, watching pictures, listening to music, etc., and enhance your baby’s ability of language, hand eye coordination, etc.

4. Let the baby stop watching TV and use some skills, such as making an appointment with the baby before watching TV: “when the antenna baby says goodbye, we also say goodbye to them, OK?” Start with your child’s consent, and it’s over. The time is gradually shortened. It’s better to watch it once a week for 10 minutes each time when you are one and a half years old, so as to cultivate your baby’s habit.

Babies are not suitable to watch TV for a long time, which has a great negative impact! The best early education is really company. It’s better for children to feel the beautiful world with you in the nature around them than to let them experience the vast world from TV. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!