Summer comes, because baby’s sweat gland is not mature, and sympathetic nerve is excited, more prone to sweating, so more prone to prickly heat. In general, if handled properly, prickly heat will not cause great harm to the baby. If not handled properly, it will not only make the baby uncomfortable, but also cause complications and affect the healthy development of the baby. Doctors said that summer infants and children more rash and eczema, mostly with parents to wash their children too often or improper treatment after bathing.

It’s easy to get prickly heat if you don’t bathe your baby properly

Since more than a month ago, especially after the hot sauna in the previous week or so, the number of children in dermatology department in various hospitals has increased dramatically. The average number of small patients in the children’s hospital is about 100 per day, and the maximum number of outpatient visits is more than 150 per day. One fifth of the children are hospitalized because they have prickly heat and eczema. Doctors asked their parents and found that most of the children who had prickly heat or relapsed eczema had bathed for many times in a day, and some parents even bathed their children three or four times a day.

According to Ma Yanqiu, a dermatologist at the children’s Hospital, infants are prone to sweating, but they can’t wipe their own sweat and have poor perspiration ability. In the high temperature and sultry environment, children sweat too much and sweat evaporation is not smooth, which results in the blockage of sweat pipe, rupture of sweat pipe, sweat extravasation, resulting in prickly heat, which is often found in children’s neck, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks and other parts. Infantile eczema is a common skin disease in infancy. Children must keep their skin dry and bathe less. Some time ago, the weather in Harbin was extremely hot and sultry. Many parents loved their children very much. They thought that taking a bath more could help their children cool down. After washing, some parents simply rubbed their children a few times, leaving extra water on the surface of their children’s skin, which hindered the perspiration and led to prickly heat or recurrent wet rash.

The doctor reminded the parents to pay attention to the indoor ventilation and dryness in summer to ensure the proper temperature. They should wear the dry clothes with pure cotton thread, often use towels to wipe the sweat for the children, use warm water to dry the children in time after bathing, and sprinkle the prickly ash powder or talcum powder. In addition, we should drink more cold boiled water, mung bean soup, watermelon and other fresh fruits and vegetables to cool the baby. Once the child has rash, should avoid scratching, to the hospital in time for symptomatic treatment.

Therefore, the baby takes a bath too often and easily produces prickly heat. Baoma should pay attention to it! Otherwise, it’s our baby who is suffering! If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!