Baby sleep well to grow high, growth and development better. Meeting a baby who doesn’t like sleeping makes people scratch their heads. At this time, someone will always say, “sleep less in the daytime.”. In fact, it’s not so simple, so what are the ways?

Poor sleep can also be a cause of illness

The most common cause of a baby’s poor sleep is calcium deficiency. If the baby has been sleeping well, crying and fidgeting suddenly may be caused by the disease. Wei Bing, deputy director of Pediatrics of No.202 Hospital of the people’s Liberation Army, introduced that babies should be alert to sleep apnea syndrome after falling asleep, such as snoring, shortness of breath, mouth opening breathing, etc.; if babies bow when they sleep, press their stomach, they usually have poor appetite, which may be digestive system diseases; babies always scratch their buttocks unconsciously after falling asleep, which may be pinworms around their anus; if babies sleep After the sudden scream, closed teeth, limbs twitch, may be epilepsy and other nervous system diseases; children cry constantly when they sleep, often grasp the ear with their hands, especially after a cold, we should consider whether they have middle ear inflammation and other diseases.

Create comfortable sleeping environment for baby before falling asleep

&Baby always cry when she can’t sleep well. It’s helpful to take a bath before going to bed! Excluding the cause of the disease, it is difficult for the baby to sleep, and it may also be caused by the surrounding environment. Dong Yanjun, head nurse of the Department of Neonatology in the first hospital of Medical University, said that it is best to take a hot bath before the baby goes to bed. After drying, parents can touch the baby, and at the same time, they can play some soothing and soft music, and then feed the baby. When the baby is well washed and full, he will naturally sleep well. Baby sleeping clothes to choose light, thin, pure cotton, even in winter do not wear too thick, can be appropriately thickened on the quilt.

Understand that baby sleep cycle does not form with sleep

Wu Hongmin, director of Neonatology in the first hospital of Medical University, said that babies from 1-3 months will wake up three to four times a night on average; babies from 3-6 months will wake up one to two times a night at most; after six months, when supplementary food is added, babies should sleep until dawn. Some parents are used to sleeping with their baby in their arms. When they fall asleep, they put them on the bed. This forms the sleeping conditions. Once the environment changes, the baby will cry to protest. Therefore, parents should cultivate their children’s awareness of independent sleep, form the habit of automatic sleep, and eliminate sleeping strips

&Therefore, parents must have a clear attitude to help their children establish good sleep habits, which is their true love for their children. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website