In early spring, when it’s warm and cold, the breeze and drizzle are chilly. Some mothers dare not wash their baby’s bath. They are afraid that they will catch a cold, but they are not clean and sanitary. They are worried. So today we’re going to share with mothers how to take a bath properly.

● precautions for bathing baby

1. Make arrangements according to the temperature changes and specific conditions.

Wash once every other day in winter, generally choose to bathe the baby when the temperature is high at noon. Sweat a lot in summer, you can wash it once a day. In spring and autumn, the temperature is suitable and can be washed once a day.

2. Move gently.

When parents bathe their children, they should not only move quickly but also gently. The small towel for bathing should be soft, and they can also use sterilized gauze to avoid damaging the skin. No more than 10 minutes per bath.

3. It is better to use baby soap.

Soap should be a special soap for infants, which is oily, alkaline and irritant. You don’t need to use soap every time you take a bath, especially in summer when you sweat a lot, just rinse off the sweat with water.

4. Prevent the baby from getting cold.

When bathing the baby, always pay attention to the water temperature to prevent the baby from getting cold due to the low water temperature. At the same time, during the bath, we should pay attention to prevent water and soap bubbles from entering the ears, nose and eyes of babies.

5. Bath schedule.

The best time to take a bath is between two times of feeding, so the baby’s interest is the highest. If the baby is still in the newborn stage, it will be easier to bathe him in the daytime.

The above is the baby bath and child care manual. It’s all here. Many mothers have questions after reading this article. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.