Does Mom and dad often have a headache because of bathing the baby? It’s really a difficult thing to bathe the baby. Mom and dad are afraid of the baby’s injury and the baby’s cold. They also coax the baby when the baby cries. Each of them is a test. Facing the “difficult task” of bathing your baby, here’s how to talk about the baby bathing class: just these four points.

Lesson1 basic course

Piont1 water temperature

The water temperature should be suitable (it’s best to use cold and warm boiled water), generally around 36-37 ℃. Adults should try it with their hands first, without feeling hot.

Piont2 towels

Use a soft towel or gauze to wash the buttocks. After each washing, rub them clean and put them in the sun.

Babies can use medical cotton to wash their buttocks.

Piont 3 basic techniques

When washing, you should wash from top to bottom, that is, first wash the urethra, and then wash around the anus to prevent the bacteria in the anus from polluting the urethra. This is especially important for female babies because the urethra is closer to the anus and more susceptible to infection.

After each buttock washing, pay attention to the inspection of the urethra, perineum and around the anus. If there is redness, inflammation and other conditions, they should be treated in time, and if necessary, they should go to the hospital for further treatment.

Three postures of piont 4 cleaning small PP

Bedside washing

Suitable for winter. The baby is often wrapped tightly. When changing diapers and washing the buttocks, keep warm. Cover the upper body with a small quilt. The mother’s movements should be light and fast. Lift the baby’s legs with her left hand, place the water basin under the small PP, wash it with a small towel with her right hand from top to bottom, and then dry it

·”Pee” wash

Suitable for babies after four or five months. It’s best to have two adults cooperate. One holds the baby in the “urine” position, and the other squats on the opposite side of the baby and washes from top to bottom.

·Baby squat wash

It’s suitable for big, walkable babies. It only needs one adult. The adult sits on the small stool, the two legs are separated, let the baby squat between the two legs of the adult, two small hands are placed on the adult’s left leg, the water basin is placed under the baby’s buttock, wash from the front to the back.

Remind, when bathing for the baby, to avoid accidents, whether the baby has learned to bathe or not, adults can not let the baby alone. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!