Every time the baby takes a bath, he will be very happy. Especially when the temperature is hot, the baby needs to take a bath more frequently. But the baby doesn’t like to take a bath at all times. When bathing for the baby does not cooperate, pay attention to increase the fun of bathing!

● increase Bath Fun

1. Prepare some cute and special toys, and let the children choose a small partner to play together before bathing every day, which will surely create a lot of fun. The baby will feel that it’s not him who needs to take a bath. There are many friends and toys who need to take a bath.

2. Take a bath with your child, tell a story, sing a song, fight a water battle and chat in the water, or do nothing. Gently clean your baby’s body, which can not only reduce the uneasiness brought by bathing, but also become the most intimate time between parents and children.

3. When the baby takes a bath, you may as well try playing music, which can soothe the brain and nerves. You can choose some soft and soothing music, lively children’s songs, or usually play music for your baby, to help your baby relax his tense mood.

4. If the weather is warm and the venue allows, let the children wear swimsuits or single clothes that are not afraid of water. Use the soft plastic water pipe to wash in the balcony or yard. It’s cool and exciting. If you can ask the children to come together, it must be more fun. Enjoy the fun of cold water column washing on the body, which is also the bathing in the sun.

● pay attention to the bathing sequence

1. Gently clean the baby’s face.

2. Pay attention to the water temperature, tentatively wet the hair, use safe, tear free and irritant shampoo, and note that the water will flow into the ear.

3. After washing your head, dry your hair with a dry towel to prevent cold.

4. Then the small trunk, pat the water on the belly and chest to adapt to the water temperature.

5. Wash the armpit, neck and elbow with body wash.

6. Clean the fingers, toes and genitals, and none of them can leak.

● develop a good habit of being clean

Babies need the careful instruction and help of their parents. Parents can let them feel the habit of cleaning first. First, they need to wash their hands when eating, and then they need to wash their hands after going to the toilet. They can let their babies like the feeling of cleaning. If they develop good habits from childhood, they will not resist the task of bathing. When we are a little bit older, we can give this task to him to finish, making him feel that it is a great thing that he can finish. Encourage and praise your baby to love the benefits of bathing.

● choose safe washing and protection products

At present, there are many kinds of special products for baby care, but not all of them are their own baby. The products used for baby crying in shower may not be suitable for him, so he will put resistance, such as the fragrance he doesn’t like, or the discomfort caused by shampoo flowing into his eyes. Mothers should pay more attention to compare the products and observe the baby’s situation, whether the baby likes to use those products. Choose products with natural ingredients, no chemicals and no stimulation for your child, care for your child’s tender skin, sweet and fragrant smell can also make your baby fall in love with bathing, and the safe and no added formula shampoo without tears is the best, so that even if the shampoo is inadvertently flowing into the eyes, it will not hurt your baby’s eyes.

Finally, put on the natural harmless massage oil, do a comfortable touch massage, put on the clean and soft clothes, let the baby enjoy the pleasure of bathing, put down his little mood, happy growth.

The above is the knowledge about how to deal with baby’s bath crying introduced to you by Xiaobian. Mothers should not worry about it, and let baby adapt to bath slowly, so that baby will gradually fall in love with bath. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!