In winter, the temperature of day and night is really shivering. Many novice parents have no choice but to take a bath when they are faced with a baby. What they are afraid of most is that the baby doesn’t cooperate, and then the cold is even worse. So how can parents make the baby wash comfortably? Baby bathing is a problem. We can teach you five steps without worry.

Five steps of bathing newborn

1. Do a good job in preparation, undress the baby, pay attention to the baby’s delicate body, and do not drag and tear when undressing.

2. Hold the junction of the baby’s right arm and right shoulder with your right hand, hold the baby’s buttock with your left hand, and hold the baby in your arms. Take care not to be too far away from your body. Too far away will make your baby feel insecure and easy to fall.

3. Put the baby in the bath net, hold the baby in the right hand, dip the baby in the towel in the left hand, and scrub the front of the baby from top to bottom, including the front chest and limbs. Always take a bath, do not leave your right hand at the junction of your baby’s right arm and right shoulder.

4. Still use your right hand to hold the junction of your baby’s right arm and right shoulder, put your baby in the tub and stand well, lie on the bath net, hold your baby with your right arm, and scrub his back and buttocks. When washing the small buttocks, the female baby should use a special towel, and the perineum should be washed with warm water.

5. Put your left and right hands under your baby’s arms, bring the baby out of the water, put it in the unfolded bath towel, and dry the baby to prevent cold.

Note: the newborn baby can take 2-3 baths a week. It is recommended to wash once a day for the baby over one year old, and wipe the back completely for the baby over one year old. You can put on the baby soap and wash it again. In addition, pay attention to the baby’s expression when bathing. When you see that the baby wants to cry, hurry up and finish bathing.

&Of course, babies don’t want to take a bath in winter. Mothers should first find out the reasons why babies don’t want to take a bath. Some babies don’t want to take a bath. They may have had unpleasant bathing experiences. Please don’t try hard! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search