When every new mother bathes her new baby for the first time, she is no less nervous than a military exercise. Senior mothers must know that bathing a newborn is a very technical challenge!

Never let the baby freeze, so be sure to keep the room warm and airless, and have everything you need ready at hand: bathtub, towel, baby soap, washcloth, cotton, clean diaper, diaper liner, diaper changing tools and clean clothes.


1. Remember to pour cold water into the bath first, and then hot water. Before putting the baby in the water, try the water temperature with your elbow or the inside of your wrist. The water should not be too cold or too hot. It should be warm. If your parents are not sure, try using the bathroom thermometer.

2. Take off the baby’s clothes in a flat place, but don’t take off his vest, so it won’t be cold. Wash the diaper area with baby lotion. Once in the water, all he needs is a good wash with water.

3. Take off the baby’s vest and wrap it safely with a towel, so that he won’t be afraid to take off his clothes. Wash eyes, ears and nose.

4. Hold the baby on the top of the bathtub and wash his hair. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

5. Remove the towel. Hold the baby’s shoulders with the left forearm, and put your hands around the baby’s shoulders and armpits. Put your right arm around your baby’s legs and hold your baby’s hip on one side. Gently put the baby in the water and let the baby face you.

6. Keep the baby half seated, submerge the lower body into the water, while the head and shoulders are out of the water. Bathe the baby with an empty hand. Always smile and talk to him when you take a bath. After washing, hold the baby’s hip with your empty hand and gently hold it on the towel.

7. Put the baby on the towel along the diagonal of the towel. Remove the lower corner and wrap around the baby’s feet, then wrap both sides. Hug the baby when you dry it. Pay special attention to the wrinkled part of the skin. Dry it gently but long.

Safe and labor-saving bath tips

Easy and labor-saving tips

Be sure to have everything ready for bathing, drying and dressing at hand.

Put on the waterproof apron to prevent your clothes from getting wet, but also spread a large and soft towel on your thigh and a towel on your chest, so that your mother will feel warm and comfortable when she hugs the baby after the bath.

A very small baby can’t regulate his body temperature very well, so try to reduce his naked time.

The baby bath solution added to water is better than soap.

Older babies can make towels hooded: they feel safer and more comfortable. If parents warm this towel on the electric heater first, it will make others feel like this.

It’s best to put only about 10 cm deep water in each bath before you are used to bathing your baby.

Never use baby powder. With this kind of powder, it is easy to dry the baby’s skin, and it will agglomerate in the folds of the skin, causing inflammation and rash.

Baby bath, labor-saving steps are here! Have moms learned? If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!