Bathing a baby needs to be very careful. Usually two parents bathe the baby together. One is responsible for diverting the baby’s attention to play with the baby and protecting the baby. The other is responsible for cleaning the baby. But sometimes when there is only one person how to bathe the baby? Learn how to bathe the baby and become an “expert”.

Preparation for Kung Fu

First of all, the bathroom should be raised to a proper temperature. You can install a kind of bathroom air-conditioning heating or electric stove, etc., and also close the windows for laundry in case of cold wind.

Then you have to prepare the supplies for bathing. Here is a simple list:

1. warm water

2. Prepare mild soap if necessary

3. Three to four face towels

4. Enough bath towel for baby to lie in

5. A dry towel

6. Three to four cotton balls

7. If you need to clean your navel, you can prepare some medicinal cleaning alcohol

8. Vaseline or some medical products recommended by doctors to clean children’s genitals

9. Clean diapers

10. Clean clothes

If you want your baby to cry less in the bath, you can play some lullabies while bathing.

Start action

Now you can take your baby to a warm bath. But now you don’t need to take off all the clothes for your baby. Everything should be based on the baby’s warmth.

Then you can start with the baby’s head.


Wet the cotton ball and then wipe the eyelid. Pay attention to the corner of the eye. Use a clean cotton ball for each eye.

Face to neck

Moisten the face towel and gently wipe the baby’s face. Don’t forget to rub the back of your child’s ear. Gently raise your baby’s head, then clean the wrinkles on the neck, because it is easy to smell.


Support the baby’s head and neck with one arm. Wet your child’s hair with a towel, then use a little shampoo to make a bubble in your hands, gently massage the baby’s head, then use a wet towel to clear the hair and then wrap it on the baby’s head with a big towel.

Chest, back and arms

Take off the baby’s coat and wash his chest, abdomen and arms. If you need mild soap, put some in a wet towel and wash with water, then dry the baby’s body as soon as possible. Then hold the baby in a sitting position so that you can clean his back. Finally, we can help the baby put on the coat.


Then you can use a wet towel to clean your child’s legs, and pay attention to the wrinkles.

Little fart

Use a clean, wet face towel to clean your baby’s genitals. If it’s a female baby, be sure to clean it before, after and after. Then you can put on your baby’s pants.

be accomplished!

It needs skills to bathe the baby. Once the baby has an uncomfortable experience in one bath, he will fear and resist bathing the second time. So parents should learn these methods as soon as possible. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!