Baby bathing is not a simple thing. Baby’s body is soft. When bathing, it is necessary to prevent water from entering the ear, and to dry the body in time after bathing so as to prevent baby from catching cold. Let’s learn the right safe way to bathe our baby. We can’t miss it!

Safety rules for bathing babies

1. The first and most important one is: never leave BB alone, even if it’s only a minute. Because in a short period of time, even an inch of water, BB may be in danger of drowning. So be sure to get all the appliances ready before taking a bath, such as towels, bath gel and so on. If someone calls at the door or the phone rings and has to respond, you should wrap BB in a towel first, and then carry BB out of the bathroom together.

2. Ensure that the temperature in the bathroom is comfortable enough, about 24 ℃. If it is lower than this temperature, the child will easily catch cold.

3. When the faucet is still on, do not put BB into the bath first, because the water temperature and depth will change.

4. Ensure the safety of the bathroom at home. As the bathroom is very wet and slippery, it is necessary to lay rubber mat to ensure the safety of walking and sitting. The spout with rubber pad can prevent BB’s heart from being suddenly impacted by water flow. And make sure that the mobile glass door is made of safe glass.

5. Ensure that the water temperature for bathing is suitable, about 32-37 ℃. Generally, children prefer a temperature slightly lower than the water temperature you set.

6. Before BB6 months old, you only need to put 4-8cm deep water in the bathtub, and do not exceed the waist (when sitting) water depth for more than six months.

7. For the children who can sit up, they can use the baby safe bath chair. Because the bottom has a strong suction cup which can be directly absorbed in the bathtub, it can help you. But don’t mistake that using the safe bath chair can be foolproof. You need to pay more attention.

8. Teach children to sit in the bathtub when bathing.

9. Soap, shampoo and body wash may dry BB skin and may cause skin rash, so use these products carefully. If the time is too long, it may cause kidney infection, so don’t let the child spend too long in soapy water. You can use shampoo and soap at the end of the bath.

10. Don’t let the child touch the handle of the faucet. Even if she can’t open it now, but one day he can open it, so the child is easy to get hurt.

11. Keep electrical appliances (such as hair dryer) away from bathtub.

Xiaobian suggested that children should take a bath after half an hour to an hour of exercise. If you want to learn more about the health habits children need to cultivate online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.