From the beginning, Baoma (the carer) was strange and nervous, and later she became more and more proficient and comfortable. As the child grew up, she was able to sit and play, and the bath became more and more pleasant, and the interaction during the bath was more and more. However, no matter what, the safety precautions for baby bathing should not be ignored and must be kept in mind!

Common safety problems of baby bathing


The number of children who get a rash every year when they arrive at the hospital due to burns is increasing. And in the process of bathing the baby, there are not a few scald accidents. Therefore, parents must follow the following principles, when bathing the baby, the water temperature must be controlled at about 40 ℃. We must first transfer the water and then carry the baby into the bathroom. The hot water switch and spray switch must be turned off and the spray head must be far away from the baby. Because! Less than a minute in 60 degrees Celsius water can cause severe burns to a baby.


The bath is very slippery, and the baby’s skin is also very slippery. At the same time, the baby does not have complete self-control and body coordination ability. It’s easy to slip when there’s no one to hold it. And you are not a stuntman, not to mention a great Xia with outstanding martial arts. Don’t think your child will be OK when you let go of him to get things at the speed of 100m Sprint. Don’t think you can save in time. In a word, never experiment with your own children.


After the baby enters the water, you will find that the baby is slippery. The correct techniques and procedures, plus the help of another person, can effectively prevent the baby from sprain. Don’t let your busy feet become a factor to sprain your child’s proud and tender body.


The phone rings, the doorbell rings, and you’re bathing your baby when these urgent things happen. You feel like having baby sit in the tub. You can pick up the rambling phone, open the door that the neighbor rings because he wants to borrow some salt, and go back to your baby. You may not believe that 3cm deep water is very dangerous for children. 60 seconds is the time limit for your baby to be saved. Don’t overestimate your child’s self-help ability. All you have to do is care!

There are many safety precautions for baby bathing. Mothers should remember to sum up more, so as to make baby bathing safer. If you are interested in children’s common sense of health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!