As a new mother, we must take a course to bathe our baby, because it’s a daily task for our baby. It’s as high frequency as drinking milk. In this paper, we will learn the detailed explanation of baby bathing steps, each step is very important.

10 steps to bathe your baby

1. Put the baby on the bath towel, take off the clothes, leave the underwear and diapers, and then wrap the baby’s body with the bath towel. Big bath towel can help baby keep warm and prevent slipping.

2. Fold the small towel (warm and wet) for face washing in half and then in half. Hold the baby’s head with one hand, and use a small towel with the other hand to gently wipe the baby’s eyes from the inside out. When wiping the other eye, pay attention to changing the clean corner of the towel. In the same way, clean your baby’s nose, mouth and whole face.

3. Put the left arm pad on the back of the baby, cover the left and right ears of the baby inward with the thumb and index finger of the left hand, support the baby’s head with the palm of the left hand, clamp him in the armpit on your left side, and gently lean the back of his head on the bathtub (it’s better to put a towel on the edge of the basin).

4. Moisten the baby’s hair with a small towel. Pay attention not to apply soap or shampoo directly to the baby’s head, but first on your own hand, and then on the baby’s hair. Gently massage and wash, then wash the whole head with water and dry with towel.

5. Take off the big bath towel wrapped around the baby, put the left arm behind the baby’s neck or shoulder, and hold his left arm with the palm of his hand, so as to support the baby’s body more smoothly; insert the right arm under his right leg, hold his left leg, and gently put the baby into the bath, so that his shoulder is out of the water, the lower body is immersed in the water, and maintain the position of half lying and half sitting.

6. After the baby’s whole body is relaxed, use your vacated right hand to bathe the baby. First wash his hands, shoulders, then his chest and legs.

7. Gently lift the baby’s body with the left hand holding his back, hold his chest with your right hand, and then wash his back with your left hand.

8. Take the baby out of the bathtub, put it on a clean large bath towel, and use a dry towel to dry the whole body of water, especially the skin wrinkles.

9. Wrap the baby’s whole body with a bath towel, leaving only the parts you plan to take care of, so as to avoid getting cold.

10. Put on diapers and clothes for the baby.

Warm tip: bath time should not be too long, controlled within 10 minutes. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!