Many parents think it’s easy to bathe their baby. It is not known that if the baby’s bath method is not correct or some details are ignored, it may have adverse effects on the baby’s health and growth.

Baby bath steps must learn secret skills

[Part 1. Preparation before baby bathing]

When the new parents help the baby to bathe for the first time, if they don’t study in advance or prepare enough, an carelessness will cause the danger of the baby. Therefore, before bathing for the baby, first prepare necessary supplies, and enjoy the fun of bathing with the child in a happy mood. A short bath time every day can also be a good time for close interaction between parents and children.

Prepare utensils to wash pengpeng

Before bathing the baby, there are several kinds of washes that should be prepared:

#Baby neutral soap, Bath Essence

Small towel

Bath towel

Water temperature meter

Bath tub

#Changing clothes

#Talcum powder, prickly ash powder


#Umbilical care box

Bath environment should be arranged

The bathroom or the room should be closed tightly to prevent the baby from getting cold. The indoor temperature is about 24 ℃ ~ 26 ℃. In winter, electric heater or electric heater can be prepared nearby to increase the indoor temperature; however, it should be placed at a safe distance to avoid scalding the baby.

Experts remind parents, in addition to pay attention to close the doors and windows to prevent the baby from getting cold, the floor to avoid slippery, first put cold water and then put hot water order, should pay special attention to; if there are electrical appliances in the bathroom, should also avoid letting the baby have the risk of electric shock.

Try to let the baby bathe in soft light and safe environment, let the baby fall in love with the bath, and let the bath become an important interactive time between parents and children.

Bath step recheck

1. Test the water temperature (with a water thermometer or inside elbow).

2. Take off the baby’s clothes and leave only a bandage around the baby’s body.

3. First wet the baby’s face with a washcloth. When washing face, eyes, nostrils, ears and face should be cleaned in order. Wash the eyes from the inside out.

4. Hold the baby, stretch the head and neck with the palm, stretch the body with the arm, and clamp it under the armpit of the mother.

5. Stretch the head and neck with the palm, fix the baby, and clean the baby’s eyes with the two small corners of the square towel (from inside to outside)

6. Clean the ears with the remaining two corners of the square towel.

7. Wash the face with one side of the other kerchief.

8. Wash the head on the other side of the square towel. Wet your hair with water, massage your scalp with baby shampoo, cover your ears with your fingers to prevent water from entering your ears, and then rinse with water. After washing, dry the hair slightly with a small towel.

9. Remove the bandage, stretch the head and neck with the left hand, and gently put the buttocks of the doll into the bath with the right hand.

10. Cross the back of the doll with the left hand, hold the left arm of the doll with the left hand palm, and let the doll’s head rest on the forearm.

11. Wet the upper body with clear water, slightly let the head of the doll lean back and wash the neck with soap, then wash with clear water, and wash the armpit, arms and hands.

12. Wash the perineum and groin with soap in the palm of the right hand. Male dolls should pay attention to the parts covered by the scrotum.

13. Change your right hand to stretch the left arm of the doll, and let the doll lie on the right arm to wash the crumpled part of the back foot and knee of the doll (pay attention to incline the child’s face to the side).

14. After washing, hold the baby away from the bath.

15. Dry your hair and body with a bath towel.

16. Pack diapers, put on clothes, and then take care of the umbilical cord.

This spring, we should stop messing up and bathe our baby. It is necessary to learn these methods. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!