Most babies like to take a bath very much. The bath time is also a good opportunity for parents to have close contact and communication with their babies. But in the face of a small ball of meat that can be broken by blowing bullets, many parents don’t know how to start, and baby bathing is taboo, so it’s necessary to pay attention to avoid injury!

Eight kinds of baby should take a bath carefully

1. Don’t take a bath temporarily after the injection. After the baby has been vaccinated, there will be a pinhole on the skin that is difficult to see by the naked eye temporarily. At this time, bathing is easy to contaminate the pinhole and lead to bacterial invasion.

2. The baby can’t wake up, doesn’t want to eat or even refuses to eat, and sometimes shows sadness and crying, which may be a sign that the baby is ill or has been ill. In this case, bathing the baby will cause physical injury to the baby, leading to fever or aggravation of the disease.

3. When the baby vomits and has frequent diarrhea, it is not allowed to bathe the baby, otherwise it is easy to cause serious consequences. Because of the expansion of capillaries after bathing, it is easy to lead to acute cerebral ischemia, hypoxia and collapse and shock.

4. Some parents will take a hot bath for the baby with fever, but it is not recommended to take a bath within 48 hours of fever or fever regression. Taking a bath for a feverish baby can easily make the baby shiver and even convulse; improper bathing can sometimes close the pores of the skin and lead to a higher body temperature, sometimes make the whole body’s skin capillaries expand and congest, resulting in the lack of blood supply to the main organs of the baby’s body. In addition, the resistance of the baby after fever is very poor, and it is easy for the baby to take a bath immediately to suffer from wind cold, which causes fever again. Therefore, it is suggested that the baby should take a bath 48 hours after the fever subsides.

&If mummy doesn’t master the right way, it is likely to make her baby sick, which is also very harmful to her future growth and development, so we should pay attention to it as soon as possible! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you