Most of the reasons why the baby refuses to take a bath are: he is hungry, or the water temperature is too hot or too cold, or he doesn’t want to be alone in the water and feels insecure. What should mom do? Baby bath tips, minutes to let baby love bath!

It’s not so easy to bathe your baby. You should not only pay attention to the gentleness of your actions, but also choose bath products and moisturizers suitable for your baby. If your baby is just born, you can bathe him 7 days after he is born, but the umbilical cord may not fall off completely. At this time, you should pay attention not to wet the umbilical cord, do not put the baby in the pool, separate the upper and lower body, pay attention to the action must be gentle, and the bath towel for baby bathing should also be soft. In addition, the bath time for the baby should not exceed 5 minutes, because the time is too long, the baby will be upset and affect the baby’s mood. After the bath, the baby should be quickly picked up with a large bath towel to avoid the cold.

Baby bath tips, let your baby love bath.


When bathing a baby, it’s better to let the baby’s mother do it. It’s not like some Baoma give the baby to the aunt who takes a bath. Even if the baby cries badly, Baoma can’t help it. The advantage of bathing a baby is that the baby can hear the mother’s voice and feel the mother’s touch. These actions can make the baby feel very happy. The baby is washing When taking a bath, the mother often talks with the baby and touches the baby to remove the tension of his bath.

Tips two

To choose the right bath gel for your baby, don’t use it casually, because bath gel can stimulate your baby’s sense organs, and choose a gentle bath gel, which can not only care for your baby’s delicate skin, but also make your baby feel very comfortable. Through these, your baby will gradually fall in love with bath, no longer fear of bath.

To sum up, to let the baby take a bath and fall in love with it, but it needs some skills, and mothers need to pay more attention! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!