It’s a small thing to bathe your baby, but if your mother is careless, simple things can make a tragedy. The following is a bad habit of bathing the baby. Parents must pay attention to it. The baby can’t bear to bathe with it.

Ni Hua of the community recently gave birth to a son. The family was very happy, but Baoma didn’t come back from the hospital for a week with her child. She went back to the hospital with her child.

It turns out that the child suddenly turns red and has a lot of pimples. Her parents are going to take the child to the hospital to have a look, but her mother-in-law says it doesn’t matter. It may be hot. If the clothes are a little less, it’s OK. Baoma doesn’t worry. She looks at the pimples on the baby’s delicate skin. Baoma doesn’t feel too bad.

Baoma still insists on taking her child to the hospital. The examination shows that the child is not hot, but allergic. When she asks her mother-in-law, she says that there is a custom in her hometown. The newly born child should use money and take a bath with gold utensils. When the child grows up, she will not worry about money.

After listening to my mother-in-law, the doctor couldn’t cry or laugh. There are a lot of bacteria on the money. The skin of a new born child is delicate and sensitive. It is easy to cause bacterial infection or allergy. Although the mother-in-law is also kind-hearted and hopes that her grandson will be colorful and blessed, she does not know that it has brought suffering to the child.

Children should pay attention to bathing

Children’s skin is delicate, metabolism is exuberant, secretion is much, bathing can avoid bacteria invasion, but when bathing, novice mother must pay attention to the following problems.

1. First of all, parents should wash their hands, prepare clean bath water, soft towels and clothes for their children.

2. Hold the child’s body in the left arm, hold the child’s body in the left hand, hold the head firmly, and bathe the child from the beginning. Pay attention to cover the child’s ears inward to avoid water flowing into the ears.

3. After washing, wrap the child with a bath towel, gently dry the water on the child to avoid cold in cold weather, and then put on the prepared clothes for the child. The action must be gentle to make the child feel comfortable.

Here, Xiaobian also reminds every mom and dad again. No matter it’s bathing or other things, you can’t believe to try anything at will for baby! If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.