&Many young mothers say it’s too hard to wash their hair and bath for babies who can’t communicate. Usually, my reply to them is, don’t be discontented. Maybe this is the most easy stage for babies to wash their hair and bath. When they can communicate and resist, try again? OK, don’t worry. Let’s learn how to deal with the problem that the baby doesn’t like to wash his hair and take a bath

Let the children wash your hair

You can have children wash your hair in the bathtub, and you can make the process very interesting when you wash your hair. Pretend you’re afraid of taking a bath, but make sure you keep your eyes blinking to let him know that you’re not really afraid of taking a bath. Your goal is to make the children laugh to eliminate their fear of bathing, and give them a kind of control lever, and let them know that bathing is really not dangerous.

So you can keep your kids laughing and do things that make them happy all the time, like wiggling your hair around. When you see the children laughing, you can repeat the action all the time.

2. Before bathing the child, ask if the child would like to wash his hair

When the children answer “no”, don’t wash them. Then point out that he has some ketchup on his hair and you want to wash it off with a wet towel. Ask children if they need your help washing their hair before they take a bath. He can sit in front of the dresser and look in the mirror and wash the tomato juice off his hair, which can enhance their control and safety awareness.

Because children’s fat glands are not as active as adults, you can use this method for a long time to clean their hair. I hope with the warm weather coming, they can get the final cleaning when they are useful or playing with water pipes in the backyard.

3. Play water games with children as much as possible

Try to play water related games with your children as much as possible, as long as it makes them feel happy. If you live in a warm enough place, you can play with your children in the outdoor water pipe. Let the children hose your hair. Make them an expert in hair washing.

4. Give children a “special time” before bathing every day

In the meantime, you can play a game with your child that makes him powerful.

5. Help children overcome fear

You can never wash your children’s hair all the time. In the end, the children can overcome their fear of shampoo and find that shampoo will not be hurt. However, if children’s constant fear is not helped, it may affect other aspects, and may have a certain impact on children’s self-confidence. Therefore, you should take into account the impact this will have on children. You can help children eliminate their fear by letting them tell you their fear so that they can overcome it.

&Sometimes children don’t want to take a bath because of their parents’ reasons, such as the low temperature of the room, the cold hands of their parents or reckless actions, which will make their children feel unsafe when they take a bath. No matter what the reason is, you can help your child enjoy the bath, at least you can let the child take a bath without quarreling. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.