Washing the children’s faces should be a long thing for the mother to do. When the child grows to a certain age, the parents can teach the child to wash their faces by themselves, so that the parents can relax a little. But in the early stage, the parents still have to do it by themselves. It’s not an easy thing to be a parent. So if the baby doesn’t like washing his face, how can parents deal with it skillfully?

What are the reasons why children don’t like washing their faces?

No matter who does anything, there are certain reasons. As a child, there are certain reasons why children don’t like washing their faces. What is the reason for children to think that washing their faces is so painful?

One, may be due to a certain wash face experience, you accidentally hurt the baby.

Although the child is small, but the memory is not bad, for this reason, mother should prepare the soft towel for the baby, and wash the baby’s face with water as far as possible, so as not to let the foam of the face cream get into the baby’s eyes. When the baby is washing the face, it must be gentle, because the baby’s skin is very delicate, and the baby will feel pain after a little effort.

2. Some babies are afraid of water.

Especially when washing the baby’s face, you will ask the baby to close his eyes for a moment, and the safety factor of the baby will decrease rapidly. At this time, you should speed up, or when the baby is still young, try to wipe with a soft towel, and try to avoid washing directly with water. When the baby is a little older, teach him how to wash his face correctly.

3. Habit formation is not a matter of time.

In particular, the formation of good habits, wash your face and wash your hands before going to bed, is a good habit for the baby to adhere to for a long time. At this time, we should play the role of the parents, maybe your negligence, the baby will look in the eyes and remember in the heart, and neglect the lazy psychology, not only adults will have Oh!

4. Face washing is boring and uninteresting, so children don’t like it.

Parents don’t put face washing into the game! First, find a toy that your baby likes. Every morning, pick up the toy and your baby to wash your baby’s face together. When washing, add some self-made children’s songs. It can be extended to the family slowly, such as washing face with Dad, which will also make the process interesting! Let the baby see, and warmly invite the baby to participate in, turn washing face into an interesting game, and the baby will love washing face.

If your baby doesn’t like to wash his face, you may as well try the method of small knitting. Maybe it will work! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you