We know that baby bathing, in addition to achieving the role of cleaning, can also play a more important role in parent-child sports games: the heat transfer ability of water is fast, and it can promote the maturation of baby’s thermoregulatory center. Then baby healthy life: air bath and sunbath are very effective!

The right way to bathe your baby

In addition to water bath, there are two other baths closely related to baby’s health: air bath and sunbath.

Air bath is to expose the baby’s skin to the air in a large area. It uses the stimulation caused by the difference between the outside temperature and the body surface temperature to exercise the baby’s body.

The specific method is to first choose to open windows in the room and cooperate with the baby to do gymnastics, but to ensure that the room temperature is not less than 20 ℃. At the beginning, you can let your baby wear clothes, but you can get rid of diapers, then gradually reduce clothes, and finally only wear shorts. After the baby has a certain exercise habit, it can be moved to the outdoor under the suitable temperature of no less than 15 ℃ and no strong wind.

The time of air bath should be flexibly controlled according to different regions and seasons. In summer, it can gradually increase from 2-3 minutes each time to 2-3 hours; in winter, 20-30 minutes, it is better for babies not to have goose bumps. It can be carried out 1-2 times a day and 1-1.5 hours after feeding.

The infrared ray of sunlight in sunbath can dilate skin blood vessels, ultraviolet ray can sterilize, and prevent rickets. As long as the weather permits, try to let the baby bask in the sun as much as possible. It can be combined with air bath. In summer, you can put on your baby’s cap, go naked in the shade of the tree, and receive the scattered or reflected sunlight. From 3-5 minutes to 8-10 minutes. In spring and autumn, you can roll up your baby’s sleeves and trouser legs to let your limbs touch the sun. In windless weather in winter, you can wear warm clothes to get out in the sun, and try to make your skin more exposed to the sun. Be careful not to let the sunlight direct to the baby’s eyes, and the baby should not be exposed to the sun when he is just full or about to fall asleep.

Daily sunbathing, plus other outdoor activities, should last at least 1.5 to 2 hours. Through the glass, wearing thick clothes, too thick dust fog and so on can not play the role of sunbathing.

The temperature of water bath should be 35 ℃ ~ 36 ℃. When bathing, the baby takes a half lying position in the bathtub, and can wash the trunk and limbs with water. The water level should not exceed the baby’s clavicle, and each bath should not exceed 5 minutes.

“Three bath” exercise sequence is air bath, sunbath, water bath. After the baby adapts, three baths can be carried out on the same day, such as air bath and sunbath in the morning, and water bath before going to bed.

The above is the benefits for baby bathing. Now we should have an understanding of it. We must not neglect the health care for the baby. Parents should pay more attention to the health of the baby and so on. We hope that every baby can grow up healthily. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!