The growing environment is very important for the healthy growth of children. Families with children should consider the most safety products when buying houses and decorating. Only a green and safe environment can give children a healthy and fast childhood. Therefore, the baby home decoration safety is the most important, teach you home decoration skills!

Don’t use the low floating window as a bed

The 18 month old Liangliang (pseudonym) who lives in Zhabei District can only lie in bed for drainage treatment of hydrocephalus these days, and his right foot of right hand can start to move autonomously these days. Just a few weeks ago, the 18 month old light fell from the window on the 9th floor of my home. Fortunately, something stopped it, or the consequences would be even worse. Sun Lianping, deputy director of pediatric brain surgery of Xinhua Hospital, and Xie Wei, a ICU doctor were in charge of receiving the child. At that time, the little guy’s head was twice as swollen as the original one. After timely treatment and careful care, today’s children not only wake up, but also laugh, and are gradually recovering.

Nowadays, many people move into new houses, they especially like the newly decorated low floating window sill. At noon, when the sun shines in, the low window sill can sit on people or let children lie on it for a nap. Many people also believe that the low window sill is not only spacious, but also good for sunshine and nap. However, the low drift window sill is very close to the floor, so the children in the family can easily climb on the windowsill, and it’s cold in recent days. Generally, they don’t turn on the air conditioner. In order to ventilate, they always turn on the low window, plus the children’s fun and active nature. If the parents or aunts don’t pay attention to it, the naughty children may have accidents such as falling down.

Professor Pan Shuming, director of the emergency department of Xinhua Hospital, reminded that many rooms in modern houses have been built with low flat and spacious low floating windowsills. Although they are beautiful in sight and sunshine conditions are also improved, for families with children and high-rise buildings, if there are no protective devices such as balconies, doors, windows and stairs, child falling accidents will increase. Therefore, parents with infants should pay special attention to prevention. Do not put tables and stools that children can climb beside the windows; install railings of a certain height on the windows; keep the windows closed or only open a certain width to ensure that children can not climb out; balcony railings should be high enough to not climb; the width between balcony railings is not enough to let children drill out.

Detailed investigation of safety hazards at home

In addition to the newly decorated low windowsill floating window, the large bathtub in the home, many hydrophilic and waterside communities, if the parents do not take care of it properly, it may also be a dangerous area for children to fall into the water. Professor Teng Guoliang, emergency department of children’s Hospital, reminded that many children love water by nature, but because of their weak awareness of danger and poor prevention ability, they are prone to drowning. Parents and schools should take the initiative to teach children to identify dangerous water isolation areas, such as small rivers, swimming pools, inspection wells without covers, etc., and strengthen care and safety education.

In addition, if there is a child at home, the possibility of accidental injury should be reduced as much as possible. For example, it is better to set up a baby room for the baby, and the parents can wrap the edges and corners of furniture that are easy to be bruised and bruised; the furniture and home appliances should also be placed stably; in the decoration, the fragile and fragile materials such as glass and mirror should be reduced to prevent the mischievous child from running into danger. There are also some naughty children who like to play with wire sockets, mobile phone chargers, and even insert metal instruments such as tweezers into the double holes of the electric socket. Because of the short circuit, the body is ejected by strong current. These are the hidden dangers that may cause electric shock accidents. You need to be careful.

The prevention of accidental injuries such as electric shock still depends on parents’ usual education, such as: do not put lighters and electric heaters where children can get them; do not let children touch the power switch socket; do not connect and pull the power cord randomly; pay special attention to safety when purchasing electric toys. We should also manage inflammables and put harmful things out of children’s reach. For electric shock, cut off the power supply, rescue suffocation and contact the emergency center as soon as possible.

In a word, because the baby is too young, there is no or lack of safety awareness. At this time, parents need to consider carefully when decorating the house, and put an end to potential safety hazards outside the house. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.