Bathing the baby can reduce the harm and damage to the baby’s skin, which is good for the baby’s physical and mental health. Continuous bathing and good living habits play an important role in the healthy growth of the baby, the cultivation of patience and willpower in the future. So, how to bathe baby is more beneficial to health, this will tell you!

How to take a bath?

First, we should use the water temperature reasonably to regulate the vegetative nerves. At night, people’s sleep is mainly regulated by the parasympathetic nerve. Before sleeping, warm water is used to bathe the child, which can make the parasympathetic nerve play a good role, thus contributing to sleep. During the day, it is mainly regulated by sympathetic nerve. After getting up in the morning, taking a hot bath can activate sympathetic nerve, so as to ensure a full and vigorous day. The moderate water temperature can make the blood circulation of the whole body unblocked, speed up metabolism and smoothly discharge the waste out of the body. This can make the skin delicate and smooth, especially for girls to make full use of this effect.

Second, master the bath time. You can’t take a bath immediately after meals, because your body can’t perform two different functions well at the same time. After a meal, part of the blood is concentrated in the gastrointestinal part, which is helpful for the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrition. If you take a bath immediately after meals, the blood will disperse to the surface of the body, reducing the digestion and absorption function. So it’s better to take a bath half an hour after dinner.

In addition, do not take a bath immediately after intense exercise, because the breath and pulse of human body can only be restored to balance after 10-20 minutes. If you take a bath immediately after exercise, it is easy to cause cerebral ischemia.

What should be prepared before bathing?

Some parents dare not bathe their infants, especially in winter. They are afraid of the “wind” of bathing. In fact, they should also form the habit of bathing in winter. Regular bathing can not only keep skin clean, but also improve blood circulation and metabolism, which is conducive to children’s growth and development, physical health, and develop a good habit of cleaning. It’s better to take a bath every day from the second day after birth. Of course, it can’t be divorced from the reality. Whether to insist on bathing every day or every other day, or twice a week, depends on the specific conditions and temperature of each family.

The baby should be well prepared before bathing. The room temperature should be kept at 23-27 ℃, and the water temperature should be 37-37.5 ℃. The water in the bathtub should be immersed in most of the baby’s body, so that the baby can move freely in the bathtub without catching cold. The time in the water is 7-12 minutes. At the same time, keep heating to keep the water at a certain temperature. When heating the water, the baby should be taken out of the water basin and put back into the basin after the water temperature is adjusted to prevent scalding. It is best to use children’s bath soap for bathing, but it does not need to be used every time. Generally, it can be used once a week.

Xiaobian does not recommend frequent bathing. Although at the beginning of the day, you may urinate ten times a day, and you only need to clean your little butt after defecating. For sweating, oil or easy to dirty parts can do local cleaning. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website