About the baby’s bath and shampoo, many parents spit out bitter water. Every time I wash my baby’s hair and take a bath, I have to turn the world upside down. Sometimes I can’t just let the baby cry. Baby afraid of shampoo, what good way to let the baby irresistible?

Tips for washing your baby’s hair

It is recommended that you do not leave too long hair for your baby. It is better to control it at about 2cm to provide convenience for cleaning.

First, moisten the baby’s hair evenly with a warm and wet towel. Mother put a small amount of shampoo on her hands, add a little water, rub it to foam, and apply it evenly to the baby’s head. At this time the baby may resist, it doesn’t matter, tell the baby: “look, bubbles! There are bubbles on the baby’s head.” Babies like bubbles. It is suggested to let the baby stand in front of the mirror and enjoy the bubbles on his head. You may as well put some bubbles on the baby’s hand to let him feel it personally, or give the baby’s hair a “variety model” to guide him to observe his hair style in the mirror. Don’t forget to tell the baby: the original shampoo is so fun, and the baby performs well. Next time, the mother will wash the baby. From the psychological first to eliminate the baby’s fear of shampoo, increase interest. While talking, massage the baby, encourage the baby to rub his hair with his little hands, and feel the smooth and moist feeling brought by the shampoo. Finally, wash the foam on the head with a warm towel. The humidity of the towel is not dripping with water. Wipe eight or nine times, can wipe the shampoo on the head completely, and don’t need to hold the baby and wash it with water, which will cause the baby’s strong resistance. When wiping, the towel may cover the baby’s face and cause resistance. Don’t worry, tell the baby: strange, where is my baby hiding? Oh, it’s here, behind the towel. The baby will think it’s playing hide and seek with him.

This is a gradual process. As long as the baby thinks the bathtub is an interesting place, he will gradually get used to it and fall in love with shampoo. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!