When the baby will turn over and climb, the action force will bring him infinite exploration space. This also means that we must adjust the condition of the home for him, give him a safe and comfortable space, and pay more attention to the way of arranging the baby and the hidden danger of safety in the family.

1. Three hidden dangers of home safety are easily ignored by mom

1. table legs

Danger point: bump

Elimination method: table corner protection

After having a baby, the corner of the furniture is as sharp as it has been all night. The baby is knocked and touched when he can’t move. He will bleed or hurt his eyes seriously. So, soften the table foot quickly. The ball shaped and small hand shaped anti-collision corner can have a good effect.

2. Power socket

Danger point: electric shock

Exclusion method: power supply safety protection lock

The temporarily unused socket is protected by a protective lock to prevent the baby from touching or inserting foreign matters into the socket hole, so as to prevent electric shock. This kind of lock is usually a round shape design which is not easy for the baby to pull out. When adults want to use the socket, they can easily take out the protective lock with the matching “key”, which is convenient and safe.

3. Refrigerator and cabinet door

Dangerous points: collision and clamping

Exclusion method: soft safety lock

The advantage of soft safety lock is that it can be used no matter whether the door edge is right angle or arc shape. The baby opens the door of the refrigerator, cupboard and so on to play, very easy to clip hands, eat the food in the cupboard by mistake and so on. If you open the refrigerator door, it will catch cold and waste electricity. Lock the dangerous “door” with soft safety lock, and no longer worry about the naughty baby. When adults want to open the refrigerator or cabinet door, just open the lock as shown in the figure.

II. Advantages of baby crawling

1. Improve activity ability

Crawling can exercise the strength of baby’s whole body muscle activities, especially the coordination and flexibility of limb activities. It is a comprehensive physical fitness activity, which is helpful for the development of visual hearing, spatial position feeling, balance feeling, and promote the coordination of the body. It can also make the blood circulation smooth, and promote the growth and development of muscles and bones.

2. Enhance physical fitness

Crawling is the first time for a baby’s whole body coordinated exercise, which can exercise the strength of the chest, back, abdominal and limbs muscles; it also consumes a lot of energy in crawling, which helps the baby eat more, sleep well, weigh more and grow faster.

Therefore, what the editor wants to say is that the baby learns to crawl. Three hidden dangers of home safety cannot be ignored. It is important to watch the baby to prevent the baby’s head from bumping! If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.