Since the popularity of the telephone in every family, it has developed into a part-time job one, which is not only a communication tool for adults, but also a toy for babies. Almost every baby has a strong preference for the telephone. The ring of the phone rings suddenly. When I pick up the receiver, there will be a clear voice, and I can tell who is calling. What a new and magical thing! But how to teach the baby to answer the phone? &Nbsp; teach the baby to answer the phone, teach you a secret!

Teach the baby to answer the phone, teach you a secret!

After the phone rings, some babies run quickly to pick it up and say “Hello!”! Who? Or “Hello! Who are you looking for? ” After knowing who the other party is looking for, the baby shouted “Mom, phone” or “Dad, phone”, which almost deafened the other party’s ears.

Some babies hang up the phone directly when they find that the other side of the phone is not someone they are familiar with and don’t know what to say.

All of the above behaviors are inappropriate, so how should babies answer the phone? Let’s study together!

When the phone rings, walk quickly to pick up the phone. First say “Hello!” If you know that the other person is a familiar person, say hello to him, such as “Hello uncle”!

When you don’t know who the other person is, and the other person doesn’t say who he is, the baby can ask, “who are you, please?” After the other party tells you who he is, the baby says hello to him.

If the other person doesn’t say who he is looking for, the baby can ask him “which one do you want?” If the other party is looking for someone at home, the baby tells the other party to wait for a moment, and then gently walks over to tell the family not to hold the microphone and shout loudly, so that your voice will reach the other party’s ears, making him uncomfortable. If the other party is looking for a baby, the baby should listen to the phone carefully, not distracted, not eating, and answer the other party’s questions in time. Finally, wait for both sides to say “goodbye”, then hang up the phone. Baby, when the phone rings, you know what to do. Li Feng Ying

Finally, we suggest that you should supervise your children when they call. When a child makes a false phone call, swears on the phone, or uses the phone equipment incorrectly, keep him away from the phone immediately. When a child uses the phone improperly, show him where he did it wrong, what he should do and why. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!