Baby is afraid of bathing first is not safe, see water will be afraid, so will be more resistant! But in fact, in addition to this, baby bath love crying mostly because of the misunderstanding of parenting, see experts to help.

Misunderstanding of nurturing

The mother is impatient and does not make the bath more interesting; the indoor temperature and water temperature may not be suitable; the baby has no sense of safety, which will make the baby afraid, causing crying and making a lot of noise in every bath. In fact, as long as the mother changes her mind, bathing will become a happy thing, and it can also promote the development of the baby’s sense and perception.

Expert weapon

Baby bath time can be the happiest time for baby. With some small games adapted to local conditions, baby can not only love bathing, but also play fun in the bathtub. The mother should be careful and prepare the baby’s bath articles in advance to create a warm and safe bath environment for the baby. It is suggested that mothers and babies play some small games together:

·Tap the water. Let your baby’s arms vigorously tap the water in the bathtub, so that the water splashes out, so that the baby can feel the powerful stimulation of water on the skin.

Watering. Fill the watering can with water, and the mother will gently pour the water on the baby’s body, so that the baby’s skin can feel the feeling of thin water flow.

·Chopsticks do magic. Mom took a pair of chopsticks and said to the baby, “look, chopsticks need magic.” Then put the chopsticks in the water to inspire the baby to observe. The straight chopsticks are bent. Take out the chopsticks again and straighten them again. Encourage the baby to observe and think about the reasons for the bending of chopsticks, and explain them properly.

You can also play other games acceptable to your baby. Gradually, your baby will fall in love with bathing, making bathing a good activity to promote your baby’s physical and mental development.

Remember: the best time to take a bath is between two meals of milk. Don’t wash it properly after one hour of lactation when he is too hungry or just full. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.