Most babies don’t like to wash their hair. They cry and are restless when they wash their hair. The baby is very resistant when washing his hair, and the reaction is intense, because the baby is afraid of the posture of holding his head down by his arm. Different from comfortable and stable posture, this makes the baby feel fear, so it will be restless or crying when washing the hair. And the baby refused to wash his hair, might as well try the game to divert attention!

More attention should be paid to choosing shampoo in the game

“Darling baby shampoo” every time she meets shampoo, her baby often tears, snivels and shampoo all over her face, which makes her baby resist shampoo, but her parents are at a loss. Because the baby’s skin is more delicate than that of the adult, the irritant shampoo is easy to cause discomfort to the baby. Therefore, Mommy should choose the non irritant shampoo which is special for the baby, has brand reputation and has light fragrance. When using it, Mommy can observe the baby’s reaction, like or reject it, because the fragrance can increase the baby’s good feeling for the shampoo. Mommy can say to her baby, “it’s fragrant after washing your head!” At the same time, prepare a wide brim bathing cap to prevent the shampoo from flowing into the baby’s eyes and nose when washing the baby’s head, and also remind the baby to close his eyes to avoid water flowing into his eyes. Mommy can also wrap the baby with a big bath towel, and then gently wipe the baby’s head, which can not only improve the baby’s sense of security, but also keep warm, kill two birds with one stone!

When washing the hair, the parents can tell stories, chat with the baby, play with toys or sing songs to the baby to distract the baby’s attention; after washing the head, the parents can also play with the child to create opportunities for parent-child interaction. In this way, when the baby meets the day of washing his hair, he will not be over anxious any more, and will treat washing his hair as a hard job. At the same time, it can enhance the interaction between parents and children, and cultivate the intimacy between parents and children. If the bathroom space in the home is enough, parents are also suggested to prepare a comfortable and safe shampoo chair for the baby, because “if you want to be good at your work, you must first make use of your tools”. The way and process of shampoo is the cause of the baby’s resistance to shampoo. Preparing the shampoo chair can reduce the negative feeling of “uncomfortable shampoo”.

Step by step!

Wash your baby’s hair. It’s also skimming!

1. First of all, hold the baby’s head with the olive holding method in the left hand (that is, clip the baby’s body under the armpit, face the mommy, make the baby feel safe, and support the baby’s head, neck and body with the hand holding the baby).

2. Wash the baby’s face with clear water. After washing the face, wash the ear bones and ears, and then start to wash the hair.

3. When washing the hair, press the baby’s ears with the left hand: wet the baby’s head with water with the right hand (pay attention to the water temperature, do not overheat or supercool), and then wipe the baby with soap or shampoo.

4. Gently massage the baby’s head with the finger pulp. Because the baby’s skull is not fully developed and the fontanelle on the top is not closed, Mommy should be careful not to use too much force, and gently slide the finger pulp.

5. After massage, rinse the baby’s head with water. Be careful not to wet the baby’s ears, eyes and nose. After cleaning, use a towel

&To sum up, the baby’s scalp is very sensitive and weak, so you must pay more attention to it when you wash your baby’s hair. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search