Many Baoma also choose home clothes for their children early. A set of comfortable home clothes can not only satisfy their children’s free play, but also make their leisure time more fun and let their love pass silently. So baby skin delicate, how to choose home clothes to make children become little angels?

Fashion interpretation — baby home clothes

Home clothes are clothes that babies wear at home. Generally, the material is pure cotton, the texture is slightly thinner than the coat, without too much decoration, the style is comfortable and loose, allowing the baby to move freely. For babies, because they can’t walk outside, they are often held by mommy. There may not be much difference between home clothes and out clothes, as long as they are dressed cleanly.

The material of baby home clothes

Generally speaking, the baby’s home clothes should be made of pure cotton, which makes the baby comfortable to wear. The external “image” includes:

Soft cotton home clothes

Pure cotton knitted sweater

Cotton clothes with resin cotton or acrylic cotton inside

The style of baby home clothes

The back belt type household clothes are warm and comfortable, which is the most comfortable choice for the baby who is not used to using the elastic belt.

The upper and lower split home clothes are very suitable for the larger baby. It’s very convenient to wear and take off, and easy to match.

The one-piece suit with buttons on the side can keep the baby warm in the abdomen.

The one-piece suit with buttons in the middle is more fashionable and beautiful.

The one-piece suit with small socks is very conducive to the warmth and activity of the baby.

Lace up one-piece clothing is the most authentic household clothing.

The color of baby home clothes

White or plain flowers with white background have always been the favorite color for mummies.

Warm goose yellow like a ray of sunshine on the baby.

Red is also the right color for babies.

Light and soft pink is a must for a little girl.

There are beautiful cartoon patterns on the basic colors such as khaki, which is always the most popular element of baby outfit.

There are patterns or line changes in solid colors, which will make the home clothes unique.

Home clothes for small owners

When you come out as a small host to meet the guests, you can dress formally in a clean leisure suit. They can be a little thicker in texture and a little more decorative than ordinary household clothes.

Loose white tops and black pants show a cool kid.

Red tops and black trousers are also welcome costumes.

Baby’s skin is different from adult’s, they are more delicate and fragile, so mothers should pay more attention to baby’s underwear. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to look up. I hope it can help you!