It’s really a trouble to bathe your baby in winter. If you don’t pay attention to your baby, you will catch a cold. But don’t worry about Baoma, as long as you master the following tips, you can make your baby comfortable to bathe in winter without catching cold. Baby winter bath to do so, both comfortable and avoid catching cold!

Bathing steps for newborn babies in winter:

1. The indoor temperature should reach 23 ℃. In winter, if the indoor temperature is low, you should use a heating device, such as Yuba, to make the room temperature reach the appropriate temperature before bathing your baby.

2. Prepare the articles needed for bathing and put them at the place where you can easily access them.

3. Add water in the bath, the temperature should not be too high, between 33 ℃ – 36 ℃. The new mommy can feel it with her elbow or wrist. The temperature almost indicates that the water temperature is suitable. If the judgment is not sure, it is better to use a special water temperature gauge.

4. Put the baby on the bath bed. If there is no bath bed, you can put a thick towel at the bottom of the bath to prevent slipping. The height of water should not exceed the baby’s chest.

5. Wash your baby’s face with water first. Gently clean the eyes, corners and sides of the nose with cotton ball. Then wash the baby’s face with a soft gauze baby towel.

6. Clean your baby’s outer ear with a gauze towel.

7. Put a little bath solution in the water or on the bath cotton, and clean the parts below the neck.

8. Wash your hair finally. Mummy put her arm behind the baby and supported her head and neck with her wrists and hands. Pay attention not to let the water flow to the baby’s face when washing his hair.

9. After washing the whole body, wipe the water on the baby’s body immediately.

10. Nursing the navel with cotton swab and 75% alcohol.

11. Change the baby into clean diapers or diapers and put on clean clothes.

Although bathing babies in winter needs to be fast, Baoma can’t be in a hurry. As the saying goes, haste is not speed. Baoma can refer to the above tips, so that they can wash the baby quickly and cleanly! If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!