No matter watching TV series or novels, in the story of the baby’s birth, wenpo always bathed the baby when he was born. Once the author believed that the baby should take a bath as soon as it was born, how clean it would be to carry it out! The family can also kiss and hold it. But in fact, the baby just born can’t take a bath immediately, mom needs to remember!

How to bathe a baby

When bathing the baby, parents should keep an eye on the baby and talk to the baby kindly. The bath steps are as follows:

① take off the clothes for the baby, wrap the bath towel, gently clamp the baby with the left arm and the body, hold the baby’s head with the left hand, and press the auricle forward with the left thumb and middle finger from the back of the ear to cover the ear hole and prevent the bath water from entering the ear.

② first wipe the face, moisten a special towel, and then gently wipe the eyes from the inside of the corner of the eye, then the mouth, nose, face and the back of the ear.

③ wash the head with a little shampoo, then clean it with water and dry the head.

④ after washing the head and face, if the umbilical cord has fallen off, you can remove the bath towel, put the baby into the tub, hold the baby’s head with your left hand, wash the neck, upper limbs, front chest, abdomen with your right hand in sequence, and then wash the back, lower limbs, vulva, buttocks and other places, especially pay attention to wash the skin wrinkles.

After bathing, wrap the baby with a large towel, dry it gently, keep warm, apply moisturizer on the skin wrinkles such as neck, armpit and thigh root, and put on baby talcum powder in summer. Pay attention to the use of skin care products with quality assurance that are not irritating to the baby’s skin. It is not suitable to use skin care products for adults, so as to avoid adverse reactions caused by skin absorption.

If the umbilical cord does not take off when bathing, it is not suitable to put the baby directly into the bathtub to soak, but use a warm towel to scrub the armpit, groin and buttocks, pay attention to not wet the umbilical as much as possible, but do not worry about the wet, use 75% alcohol cotton swab to wipe.

It is suggested that there is no specific regulation on how long you take a bath. It should be determined according to the weather, sports and temperature. Sweat more in summer, can be once a day, or twice a day, and winter can be three days. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!