Many mums have the habit of feeding their children while watching TV. The reason is that the time for children to drink milk is long. Mums are a little bored and want to find something to pass the time. It’s better to watch TV! Sitting and watching TV is also convenient for baby feeding. Relevant parenting experts remind that watching TV while breastfeeding has an impact on baby’s health.

Baoma attention: watching TV does not feed, feeding does not watch TV!

It’s really hard to take care of children. Sometimes, when facing the babies who can’t speak and communicate, young mothers feel lonely. And the TV and mobile phone can really give this time without language communication and add a little adjustment.

However, a study conducted by experts on “the impact of television on breastfeeding” found that video media such as television and mobile phones are easy to attract the attention of mothers, so when breastfeeding, there will be “irrelevant” situations such as mothers watching TV and playing with mobile phones, and children drinking milk by themselves. Once children get used to the world without communication, even if there is no one around them, they will not cry and so on, which will easily affect their language development ability, and may cause the weak relationship between mother and child in the future.

According to experts, the most important thing for breastfeeding is a peaceful environment. Mothers should look at and smile at their babies. In this way, it is easier for infants to have a calm and calm mind when they grow up. The worst case scenario is to feed when a mother is arguing with her father or other relatives, which makes the baby subconsciously think that it is not happy to drink milk and eat, and directly affects his attitude towards life in the future. Because, people take food as the day, babies take milk as the day, and they are not happy to eat milk. How can we be optimistic?

Therefore, Baoma people pay attention to watching TV without feeding, feeding without watching TV! Baby’s eyes are the most concerned when looking at the face, so mother should also look at the baby’s eyes as much as possible when breastfeeding. If the baby feels that the mother is looking at herself all the time when she is sucking, she will feel full of security in her heart, so that she can devote herself to the work of filling her stomach more confidently. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!