The thickness of the baby’s skin is only one tenth of that of the adult’s, which is extremely delicate and sensitive. If the baby’s skin is not properly cared, it is easy to be hurt by external adverse stimulation, especially in the cold and dry winter.

Overuse of disinfectants destroys the “natural barrier”

Ms. Qian’s baby is only 6 months old, but she always feels that her baby’s skin resistance is not strong and she is susceptible to bacterial infection. For this reason, she bought a lot of disinfection and skin cleaning products and wiped her baby every day, hoping to “sterilize”.

One day, when taking a bath for her baby, Ms. Qian was surprised to find that there were red and wet patches around her baby’s neck. She rushed her baby to the hospital. The baby was diagnosed with Candida infection.

There are many normal bacteria on human skin. They cooperate with the “natural barrier” of skin, making it difficult for other harmful bacteria to invade.

“Excessive use of skin care products containing disinfectants will kill the normal flora on the baby’s skin, and harmful bacteria and molds will instead breed and spread on the skin, causing infections caused by Candida and other pathogenic bacteria.”

Frequent bathing and “sterilization” can cause baby’s skin itching

Baoma should be careful, baby shower too often prone to rash. Not long ago, grandma Guo’s fat grandson was born. In order to prevent her grandson from getting sick, she strictly checks the food and daily life of the child and tries to keep the bacteria out.

In order to be “clean”, she bathed her little grandson twice a day. She not only applied the body lotion twice, but also wiped it clean with water. But her little grandson is still sick. Not only is her skin getting drier, but also her skin is often itching and crying.

Professor Tao Jianfeng, deputy director of the dermatology department of Xinhua Hospital, reminded that if you take a bath too often, the baby’s skin will be damaged and even cause skin sensitivity.

“There is a layer of sebum on the surface of the baby’s skin, which plays an important role in keeping warm, preventing infection and external stimulation, which can not be replaced by any refined oil. If you use bath gel or soap repeatedly to scrub your body, you will remove this layer of sebum. In serious cases, you may even cause your child to grow up to be a skin sensitive person. “

Experts remind that for infants, one bath a day is enough. Even in hot summer, it is not advisable to do it more than twice a day. Usually just after defecation, wash with water.

In a word, the baby’s skin is delicate and the mother needs special care, especially in this dry winter. As long as you pay attention to the characteristics of your baby’s skin, you can better care for your baby’s skin. If you want to learn more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you may as well pay more attention to the update of this website!