It’s so hot. It’s time for the baby to take a bath! At this time, mom and dad often use the “simple rough” way to take off the baby’s essence, “carry” to open and wash. But do you know? This way of bathing is too backward and “unprofessional”. It’s easy to neglect the details of cleaning, leaving health risks to the baby’s body. So, baomamas, do you bathe your baby professionally?

The steps of bathing a new baby

1. Before bathing, make sure that the room temperature is 26-28 ℃ or above, close the doors and windows, control the water temperature to 38-40 ℃, put cold water first, then hot water (or test the water temperature inside the elbow, and feel warmer)

2. The operator should tie the apron, take off the watch, wash his hands, untie the empty bag, take off his clothes and diapers, and check the whole body of the newborn.

3. After all the work is ready, put the baby’s head on the operator’s wrist, hold the ears of the newborn with the thumb and middle finger (to prevent water from flowing into the ear holes), then wash the face (first wash the eyes, from the inner canthus to the outer canthus), then wash the head and dry it.

4. After washing the head, hold the baby’s head and neck with the left forearm, hold the left shoulder, insert the right hand into the baby’s arm and hold it, put it into the water, wash the neck, upper limbs, trunk and lower limbs with the right hand, and finally wash the groin and external * * device.

5. After washing, quickly hold the newborn to a large towel, gently dry the whole body with a large towel, and wipe the umbilical cord with a 75% alcohol cotton swab.

6. Sprinkle talcum powder under the neck, armpit and groin. If the baby is a girl, it’s not recommended to sprinkle talcum powder at the perineum. Then put on diapers and put on clothes and put them back to the small bed.

There’s a lot of knowledge in it. Let’s learn it now. If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. More knowledge is more love for your baby.